Grady, Hauser, Houser, Daniels Graduate Fellowship


AATCC Foundation Grady, Hauser, Houser, Daniels Graduate Fellowship for students pursuing a Ph.D. in Fiber and Polymer Science at North Carolina State University’s College of Textiles


Due to the generosity of Charles E. Gavin, III, AATCC Foundation, Inc. is pleased to offer the new AATCC Foundation Grady, Hauser, Houser, Daniels (GHHD) Graduate Fellowship to worthy U.S. students pursuing their Ph.D. degrees in Fiber and Polymer Science at the College of Textiles, North Carolina State University.



Applicant must be a U.S. citizen pursuing a Ph.D. in Fiber and Polymer Science in the College of Textiles at North Carolina State University. Preference of master’s student who has made application and been accepted into the Ph.D. program in Fiber and Polymer Science (FPS). It is anticipated that students pursuing their Masters degrees in Textile Engineering or Textile Chemistry at the College of Textiles will be encouraged by this fellowship opportunity to continue with the College of Textiles and to pursue studies towards a Ph.D. in Fiber and Polymer Science, although students from any technical background and from any institution are eligible. The fellowship is intended to be offered to a deserving student with intent for one academic year.


Graduate students are to submit an AATCC Foundation application to the AATCC Foundation GHHD Graduate Fellowship Selection Committee. The GHHD Graduate Fellowship Selection Committee will review all applications and nominate an intended recipient, and submit this information to the AATCC Foundation Board of Directors for approval. In the event that the nominated recipient decides not to pursue his/her degree, the Foundation Board may approve another eligible recipient as an alternate.


The fellowship amount of $5,000 will be paid in full prior to the beginning of the fall semester each year, preferably in July or August, as the fall is typically the time incoming Ph.D. students begin the pursuit of their degrees at the College of Textiles.



Students receiving the AATCC Foundation Grady, Hauser, Houser, Daniels Fellowship are eligible to attend the AATCC International Conference free of charge during the year of their fellowship, as is the case with other AATCC Foundation named fellowships. Under the current rules, the fellowship recipients would be allowed to ask for travel reimbursement for up to $500 from AATCC Foundation, provided expense receipts are submitted for such expenditures. There is also the possibility of the student submitting a poster regarding his/her Ph.D. research for consideration at the AATCC International Conference.


Eligible students may fill out the Scholarship Application Form.
Application deadline is MARCH 31.


HISTORY of the AATCC Foundation Grady, Hauser, Houser, Daniels Graduate Fellowship:

Charles E. Gavin III, chief executive officer and board chairman of MFG Chemical, headquartered in Dalton, Georgia, past president of AATCC, and chair of AATCC Foundation, Inc. from 1999-2000, as well as AATCC and AATCC Foundation Treasurer from 2003-2012, was instrumental in forming AATCC’s public charitable arm, AATCC Foundation, Inc.  Charles was the first contributor to AATCC Foundation, and over the years, has made many sizeable donations in support of numerous named scholarships, including the establishment of this AATCC Foundation Grady, Hauser, Houser, Daniels Graduate Fellowship, honoring four individuals, all graduates of North Carolina State University, and all instrumental in the continued success of AATCC Foundation, Inc.

The four individuals honored with this named fellowship include: Dr. Perry Grady, retired associate dean emeritus at the College of Textiles, who has worked for many years to help gain donations and develop scholarships for the Foundation;  Dr. Peter Hauser, AATCC president and chair of AATCC Foundation 2013-2014, and current professor in the Textile Engineering and Color Chemistry Department at the College of Textiles; Mr. Nelson Houser, 1997-1998 AATCC president and initial chair of AATCC Foundation 1997-1998, currently employed as vice president of technical service for M. Dohmen; and John Y. “Jack” Daniels, AATCC executive vice president from March 1996 through March 2018 and president of AATCC Foundation since its establishment in 1997.