Corporate Members Scholarship


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The AATCC Foundation Corporate Member Scholarship is a $3,000 scholarship offered to the child of an AATCC Corporate Member employee. (Check here to see a listing of corporate members.) The scholarship will be awarded annually to  incoming freshmen through seniors. The scholarship recipient must major in a textile-related university program. The recipient will be selected by the scholarship committee from applications received by eligible students.

BONUS: The scholarship recipient will receive a free one-year AATCC student membership! 


The following requirements apply to the Corporate Member Scholarship:

• The student recipient must attend a college or university that has an AATCC student chapter.

• A copy of a letter of acceptance from the college/university is required prior to finalizing the scholarship.


In addition to your completed application form, the following information is required:

* Resume or letter of work experience

* Copy of most recent transcript(s)

* Personal statement, expressing your feelings, aspirations, financial need and concerns, with particular emphasis on your intended career following graduation.

Applications are due to AATCC by March 31. Student applicants will be notified of the committee’s selection by or before May 30.

If you are eligible to apply for this scholarship, please fill out the Scholarship Application Form.

For questions, please contact AATCC Foundation, Inc. at 919/549-3524 or email Debra Hibbard.