Charles E. Gavin III Family Scholarship-Georgia Institute of Technology



Two $6,000 scholarships will be awarded to undergraduates at Georgia Institute of Tdsc_0046echnology, School of Materials Science and Engineering, who are focusing on textile-related programs. The Gavin Family Scholarship provides $3,000, and Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Materials Science and Engineering provides matching funds of $3,000, allowing each student recipient to receive a total scholarship of $6,000. Students who receive this scholarship may be eligible to have it renewed for a second year.



Rising freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior students attending or planning to attend Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Materials Science and Engineering, with coursework focus in textile related programs (textiles/polymer science) are eligible to apply for this scholarship.


Selection Criteria

  • Native-born U.S. Citizen, eligible for in-state tuition
  • Demonstrated leadership in school or community
  • Financial need
  • SAT scores
  • Academic expectancy to graduate
  • Work experience and history


Each university may nominate two scholarship recipients.


Where to Apply

Georgia Institute of Technology Department of Materials Science and Engineering students must apply through the AATCC Foundation scholarship website to receive consideration for the AATCC Charles E. Gavin III Family Scholarship.  To apply, please fill out the Scholarship Application form. All applications for this scholarship will be reviewed in April.

Application and information due by March 31.


Background of Mr. Charles E. Gavin III
Charles E. Gavin, III is a very active member of the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC) since 1958, when he joined the student chapter while at Auburn University. He served as a Councilor of the Southeastern Section, was AATCC President,  and AATCC and AATCC Foundation, Inc. Treasurer.

Gavin began his textile career in 1959 as a shift dyer in the carpet industry. He quickly grew from superintendent of carpet dyeing to vice-president of carpet manufacturing. Under his direction, the first acid-dyed nylon carpet product line was developed, which changed the direction of the carpet dyeing industry by providing products with superior colorfastness properties. Gavin formed MFG Chemical Inc., which continues to produce a wide range of surfactants and polymers in two manufacturing plants. Today, Gavin serves as Chair of the Board of MFG Chemical, Inc.

Gavin attributes his career successes to the education he received at Auburn. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Textile Management (Dyeing Option) in 1959. Gavin’s first two years at Auburn were funded by a scholarship he received from West Point-Pepperell and money he received from the University’s co-op program.

Gavin never forgot the assistance and support he received from those caring individuals who helped foster his growth in his early college and work career. He has generously given to the Auburn Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, endowing a Chemical Engineering chair, and recently gifted the university with $8 million towards renovating the Textile Building into a state of the art engineering research laboratory. Through the Auburn Textile Education Foundation, he endowed two Charles E. Gavin III scholarships for students in polymer and fiber engineering.

Gavin was instrumental in establishing AATCC Foundation, Inc.; he also established the AATCC Foundation Charles E. Gavin III Family Scholarship. Since awarding the first Gavin Family Scholarship in 2007, five scholarships have gone to students attending Auburn University’s Samuel Ginn College of Engineering.

It is the desire and hope of the Gavin Family that those students who are chosen to receive this scholarship will, someday, consider passing this opportunity on to another deserving student.”

For questions, please contact AATCC Foundation, Inc. at 919/549-3524 or email Debra Hibbard.