AATCC Foundation Programs Support Textile Student Research and Education

AATCC Foundation, Inc.
found_imgEstablished in 1997, AATCC Foundation, Inc. operates to further the charitable mission of the Association, promoting the science and knowledge of textile design, coloration, materials, processing, and testing through research and education. AATCC Foundation, Inc. seeks ways to develop and promote quality standards throughout the world.

AATCC Foundation
100 for 100 Scholarship Campaign

In 2021, AATCC will celebrate its 100th birthday! To honor this landmark occasion, AATCC Foundation is sponsoring the 100 for 100 Campaign.

The AATCC Foundation 100 for 100 Campaign is intended, over the next three years, to raise the funding needed to fully endow AATCC Foundation scholarships and fellowships. Fully endowing these scholarships will allow AATCC Foundation to offer $100,000 per year in fully endowed scholarships and grants in time for the celebration of AATCC’s 100th anniversary!  For this to be possible, the Foundation’s goal is to raise $500,000 through donations from AATCC individual and corporate members. This can be done! If an individual member contributes an average of $100 and a corporate member donates an average of $1,000, this goal can be achieved in time for AATCC to celebrate its 100th anniversary in the fall of 2021.

AATCC Foundation offers numerous scholarships to students from universities around the United States to encourage the study of textile-related education.  AATCC Foundation has updated the website to allow individuals and corporations to direct their contributions to a specific scholarship fund(s). Choose the scholarship(s) you want to support! See the Grants and Scholarship webpage to make your contribution today!

The AATCC Foundation 100 for 100 Campaign is an easy way for you to make a difference in the future of textiles! Please give today!

     AATCC Foundation – building a better future!

A Call for Research Proposals
AATCC Foundation Student Research Support Grants

AATCC Foundation Student Research Support Program was established to assist undergraduate and graduate students with research on textile-related projects. The AATCC Foundation Student Research Review Board is currently seeking proposals for research related to test method development, evaluation of textile performance in actual use situations, and correlations between these two.

Grants ranging from $500 to $4,000 will be awarded to meritorious proposals selected by the AATCC Foundation Student Research Review Board and approved for funding by AATCC Foundation Committee on Research. The application deadline to receive grant proposals is
September 30, 2019. Grant proposals should be submitted electronically to Dr. Yiqi Yang, Chair,  AATCC Foundation Student Research Support Program.  Guidelines and an application form are available under the AATCC Foundation Grants & Scholarship webpage.

You can also contact your AATCC student chapter advisor or
Dr. Yiqi Yang
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design &
Biological Systems Engineering
Lincoln, NE  68583
Phone: (402) 472-5197