AATCC Foundation Supports Textile Research and Education

AATCC Foundation, Inc.
found_imgEstablished in 1997, AATCC Foundation Inc. operates to further the charitable mission of the Association, promoting the science and knowledge of textile design, coloration, materials, processing, and testing through research and education. AATCC Foundation Inc. seeks ways to develop and promote quality standards throughout the world.


AATCC Foundation 100 for 100 Campaign


What is the 100 for 100 Campaign?
AATCC Foundation is campaigning to fully endow $100,000 per year in scholarships in time to celebrate AATCC’s 100th birthday in 2021. Endowing these scholarships ensures support for textile students far into the future!

Just $100 from every individual member and $1000 from every corporate  member would meet or even exceed the goal!


AATCC Foundation encourages and supports students studying textile-related fields at colleges and universities around the United States.


  • Donations to the Graduate Fellowships count double; donations are being matched until May 31, 2020 (click here and scroll down to Fellowships)



100% of your contribution goes to AATCC Foundation scholarships!



YOU make a difference! Support AATCC Foundation as we continue to build a future in textiles!