Debra HibbardJune 24, 2020 Foundation Newsletter




Griffin Donley:   I am conducting research with the Dr. Kornev group in the Materials Science and Engineering Department at Clemson University.  My research project is focused on the development of a ballistic, textile-based material.  We are modeling the fibers that will be used after insect antennae that exhibit super damping properties.  From there, we hope to recreate fibers that mimic this property to construct this ballistic material for protection purposes.





  Chandler Probert completed his bachelor’s degree studying polymer and color chemistry at North Carolina State University. During his undergraduate career he was a mentor to a class of freshman in the Exploratory Studies Village, served as Vice President of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity, and active member of the wolfpack community. After his four years of undergraduate studies, Chandler transitioned from student to researcher and continued his education pursuing a master’s of textile engineering at North Carolina State University. His research is focused on characterizing and understanding firefighter’s exposure to chemical hazards and developing test methods to evaluate firefighter decontamination practices.  Chandler’s work has resulted in a partnership with the Raleigh and Cary fire departments to conduct field trials to assess firefighter turnout gear and skin contamination during training exercises. After finishing his master’s degree during the summer of 2020, Chandler will take the next step in higher education and pursue a PhD in Fiber and Polymer Science at North Carolina State University.  He hopes to continue his work helping firefighters, but to also address the needs and concerns of arson investigators, a frequently neglected group who have similar risks of chemical exposure and less requirements on personal protective equipment.



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