Digital Textile Printing, Part 1 – Bigger, Stronger, Faster Webinar sponsored by AATCC and [TC]2


Recorded June 28, 2011

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In digital printing there are many variables that can influence color reproduction. Profiling is one area that receives a lot of attention. However there are many other issues that need to be taken into consideration when running a digital printing operation. In this presentation, issues such as pretreatment, substrate, ink set, steam quality and after-washing will be reviewed as to their influence on the final product.

The latest advances in hardware and ink chemistry for digital textile printing applications will also be discussed. The presentation will highlight the emergence of digital printing as a tool within the textile production arena. Challenges and opportunities related to printer speed, quality and color will be addressed as well as special applications including grand format and direct to garment printing.

Kerry King Photo_Kerry_King_web
Kerry M. King is Manager of Product Development and Sustainability Initiatives with [TC]2. Kerry is responsible for managing applied research and consulting opportunities in areas related to new product development, garment fit and sizing, application of digital textile printing and 3D garment development technologies, and investigation of technology systems that support sustainability for product development and textile coloration. Kerry oversees the operation of [TC]2’s digital print service and is a recognized speaker and author in the digital textile printing field. She supports [TC]2’s educational activities through the development of programs and the delivery of content in areas including  textile printing, color development, and digital technologies for product development.                  

Kerry has a Bachelor of Science in Home Economics (Clothing and Textiles Major), a Master of Arts in Clothing and Textiles, and a Master of Science in Textile Design (Print Design Concentration). She is a senior member of AATCC for which she currently chairs the Printing Technology committee and participates in the Concept 2 Consumer interest group as well as the Editorial Advisory Board.

Carly Spano Photo_Carly_Spano_web
Carly Spano has been a Research Associate in Digital Printing at Cotton Incorporated for three years. She graduated from North Carolina State University as an Anni Albers Scholar achieving a BA in Art and Design and BS in Textile Technology. Carly is an active member of AATCC and SGIA.


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