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Textile Fundamentals eLearning Resource…
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Developed by experts at North Carolina State University’s College of Textiles, this collection of fourteen web-based textile education chapters is an excellent learning tool for industry professionals and corporations as well as university faculty and students. The chapters provide a comprehensive, in-depth study of textile processing from fiber formation to finishing.


  • Designed for anyone wishing to improve his/her understanding of the technology of the textile industry.
  • Packed with state-of-the-art graphic animations and simulation videos
  • Available online 24 hours a day; access anywhere internet is available
  • Covers manufacturing aspects of the textile supply chain
  • Includes optional assessmemt test at the end of each chapter

Topics Covered

Textile Fibers, Filament Yarns and Texturing, Spun Yarn Manufacturing, Warp Preparation, Weft Knitting, Warp Knitting, Weaving, Nonwovens, Fabric Preparation, Color and Color Properties, Dyestuffs and Dyestuff Applications, Printing, Chemical Finishing, and Mechanical Finishing