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2019 AATCC Calendar

Date Event Location
April 9-11 AATCC International Conference Fort Worth, TX, USA
May 21-23 AATCC Spring Committee Meetings RTP, NC, USA
Sept 11-12 Textile Coloration 2.1 – Optimal Apparel Performance
through Innovation Conference

2019 AATCC Section Meetings Calendar

Date Event Location
March 13 California Section Q1 Wearable Technologies Pillar Meeting San Francisco, CA, USA



2019 World Calendar

Date Event Location
February 26-28 Techtextil Raleigh, NC, USA
February 27 SPESA Advancements in Manufacturing Technologies Conference Raleigh, NC, USA
March 14-15 International Conference on Textile Coating and Laminating – TCL2019 Berlin, Germany
March 16 Workshop: Josef Albers’s Color Experiments Minneapolis, MN, USA
March 17-20 TAGA Annual Technical Conference Joint with ISCC Minneapolis, MN, USA
May 3 Textile Business Futures Raleigh, NC, USA
May 5-8 2019 AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo St. Louis, MO, USA
June 19-21 WEAR Conference 2019 Seattle, WA, USA
June 20-26 ITMA 2019
(ITMA Barcelona Discount for AATCC Members)
Barcelona, Spain
Sept. 15-17 Southern Textile Research Conference (STRC) Myrtle Beach, SC, USA