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2017 AATCC Events

Date Event Location
Nov. 29-30 AATCC/SGIA Digital Textile Printing Conference V2.0 Durham, NC, USA


2017 World Calendar

Date Event Location
October 25-28 IITAS 2017 Izmir, Turkey
October 26 Introduction to Clothing-Fabric Knowledge Manchester, UK
November 3 Parliamentary Lunch 2017, The Textile Institute London, UK
November 9 Introduction to Clothing-Intro to Global Clothing Industry Manchester, UK
November 15 Introduction to Clothing-Understanding Garments Manchester, UK
November 23 Introduction to Clothing-Size and Fit Manchester, UK
Nov. 27-30 ShanghaiTex Shanghai, China
November 29 Introduction to Clothing-Garment Specifications Manchester, UK
December 6 Introduction to Clothing-Product Development Process Manchester, UK


2018 AATCC Calendar

Date Event Location
March 6-8 AATCC International Conference Greenville, SC, USA

2018 World Calendar

Date Event Location
 April 15-18  TAPPI NETInc   Charlotte, NC, USA
 June 4-5  Wipes Academy (INDA)  Chicago, IL, USA
 June 5-8  WOW 2018 (INDA)  Chicago, IL, USA
 September 11-13  RISE 2018 (INDA)  Raleigh, NC, USA
 October 2-3  Filter Media Course (INDA)  Philadelphia, PA, USA
 October 2-4  Filtration 2018 (INDA)  Philadelphia, PA, USA
 November 5-8  Hygienix 2018 (INDA)  Orlando, FL, USA