Odor Control Function for Polyester Textiles

Even polyester clothing that has been freshly washed develops undesirable odors after being worn for just a short period of time. Modifying the surface of the textile has resulted in durable and wash-resistant protection against permastink. The patented dual-action technology from SANITIZED AG prevents the odor-causing bacteria from docking onto the textile and it also adsorbs odors.

Mesdan-Lab introduces AQUALAB

Mesdan-Lab division of MESDAN Spa – Italy introduces AQUALAB, an innovative instrument based on low frequency microwave technology designed for an instantaneous and accurate assessment of regain, moisture content and commercial weight in textiles.

REFOND RF4008HP Drying Rate Tester

The RF4008HP Drying Rate Tester-Heated Plate Method is based on the requirement of US AATCC201 testing standard, specially developed an automatic fabric drying rate tester.

REFOND RF4008AF Drying Rate Tester

The RF4008AF Drying Rate Tester-Air Flow Method is based on the requirement of US AATCC200 testing standard, specially developed an automatic fabric drying rate tester.

REFOND RF1106 Gas Fume Chamber

The RF1106 Gas Fume Chamber is used to determine the colorfastness of textiles when is exposed to atmospheric oxides of nitrogen derived from the combustion of chemically-pure gas.

New Washer Listed for AATCC Testing

AATCC recently added the new SDL Atlas Vortex M6 Washing Machine to the list of machines meeting the parameters for home laundering in the M6 Monograph.

Advanced Sustainable Water Repellency

With more textile producers and brands now pursuing sustainable finishing solutions, Archroma is seeing growing interest in its distinctive micro-encapsulated fluorine-free technology for outdoor clothing. Technical comparisons validate SmartRepel® Hydro’s capability to combine nature friendlier excellent water repellency with extremely high washing resistance for a long-lasting weatherproof finish.

ISO 105B02 Now a Performance-Based Standard

The ISO TC38 technical committee on textiles recently approved an important revision of ISO 105B02 (Colour Fastness to Artificial Light: Xenon ArcFading Lamp Test) to make it a true, performance-based standard.