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Applied Technology Articles 

Published in AATCC Review

  • Basics of technology, industry updates, or case studies
  • Content reviewed
  • Printed in full color; images welcome; reprints available
  • No page charges


Submit your manuscript text, figures, and tables as email attachments to Ann Holland.

Feature Stories


The AATCC Journal of Research is a scholarly, peer reviewed, online scientific journal of textiles and materials research. This includes original articles and review articles relating to the chemical and biochemical sciences; the fundamentals, applications, and management of materials; engineering; and the design and merchandising of fibrous materials of interest to the global textile community. The journal’s aim is to advance and disseminate knowledge in all areas pertinent to textile research including dyeing and coloration, quality testing, color communication, polymers, fibers, fabrics and their design, nanotechnology, processing and merchandising, sustainability, and waste treatment.


Submission Guidelines
Applied Technology articles in AATCC Review serve the global textile industry, sharing innovative and practical advances in textile technology and research on a broad range of current textile design, materials, processing, and merchandising interests.

The AATCC Journal of Research’s aim is to advance and disseminate knowledge in all areas pertinent to textile research including dyeing and coloration, quality testing, color communication, polymers, fibers, fabrics and their design, nanotechnology, processing and merchandising, sustainability, and waste treatment.

Subject Matter

Articles must

  • Be educational—not promotional
  • Be original work

Articles must not

  • Obviously promote a particular commercial product or technology. (When such a product or technology is the main subject of the article, discussion of alternate or precursor products or technologies is strongly encouraged.)
  • Use disparaging or promotional comparisons involving commercially-named products or technologies.
  • Papers submitted to AATCC Journal of Research and AATCC Review may not be submitted elsewhere for publication without the express written consent of AATCC. (Requests to reprint published material or to use published data and research in future works are generally granted with a written petition. Please contact the Communications Director.)


  • Please fill out a Copyright Form.
  • All work must be accompanied by a signed copyright form.
  • Previously published work will not be considered and is a violation of the copyright agreement.

Author Notes

  • Conference papers previously published only in the AATCC Book of Papers may be submitted.
  • Authors must provide written permission to AATCC for any previously published text, tables, figures, and photographs used in their work.
  • Authors must also provide written permission from a photographer and each person shown (or his/her guardian) in any photograph submitted.

If you submit your manuscript, you are agreeing that you have read and met all AATCC subject matter, formatting, graphics, references, and copyright guidelines, and you must submit a copyright form.

Updated September 2015


  • Manuscripts should be submitted as Microsoft Word documents.
  • Any logical arrangement of the paper is acceptable.
  • An abstract is not required for applied technology articles; however, an introductory paragraph describing for the reader, the practical use for which the illustrated product or technology may be used, is highly recommended.
  • All works should include a summary paragraph that sums up the findings of the author’s research and its practical application to the textile community.
  • Applied technology manuscripts submitted to AATCC Review, including text, figures, photos, tables, captions, and references should be no longer than 10 double-spaced 8.5-inch by 11-inch pages (2,000 words of text or less).
  • Peer-reviewed manuscripts submitted to the AATCC Journal of Research do not have page or word limits.

Updated October 2020


  • Graphics (tables, figures, graphs, charts, photos, line art, etc.) are encouraged and appreciated.
  • Graphics should be submitted as individual files, in their original formats, and separate from the text.
  • Graphics must have a resolution of 300 dpi or higher to print clearly.
  • Printed photographs are accepted if they are clear, glossy prints at least 3.5 inches by 5 inches.
  • Figures should be labeled and referred to using Arabic numerals (e.g., Fig. 1, Fig. 2, etc.)
  • Tables must be submitted in spreadsheet or table format-no spaces, no tabs and should be labeled and referred to using Roman numerals (e.g., Table I, Table II, etc.)

Updated September 2015


  • References should be referenced according to the The ACS Style Guide published by Oxford University Press. For textile industry terminology/abbreviations not covered in The ACS Style Guide, refer to the “AATCC Style Guide for Writing Test Methods” in the most recent issue of the AATCC Manual of International Test Methods and Procedures. See sample reference list below.
  • Do number references consecutively with superscript Arabic numerals in the proper location within the text.
  • Do not use (author(s), date) format for reference citations in the text.
  • References should list beginning and ending page numbers of the cited article or chapter.
  • If a reference is used more than once, the original reference number should be repeated unless a new chapter is referenced.
  • Do ensure that all references conform to these style guidelines and that the numbered citations in the text are in numerical order and match the numbers of the correct references listed in the reference section of the manuscript.
  • Do not list references alphabetically by leading author. Use our reference guidelines (see previous bullet point) and reference examples below.

Poorly or improperly formatted references may be returned to authors for correction resulting in publication delays.

Reference Examples

1. Doe, J.; Smith, S.; Jones, D. Publication Title 1996, 1 (1), 1–10.*
2. AATCC Technical Manual; AATCC: Research Triangle Park, NC, USA, 1991, Vol. 66, pp 39–41.
3. Ghosh, S.; Rodgers, J. In Handbook of Near-Infrared Analyses; Burns, D., Ciurczak, E., Eds.; Marcel Dekker Inc.: New York, NY, USA, 1992, pp 19–25.
4. Easter, E. P.; Cinnamon, M.; Baker, E. In Proceedings, AATCC International Conference, Nashville, TN, USA, 1996, pp 205–214.
5. DePlasse, N. French Patent 1,23,330, 1958.
6. ASTM D629-15, ASTM International, West Conshohocken, PA, USA, 2015,
7. Cotuvo, J. Ph.D. Thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA, 1996.
8. ACS Publications Division Home Page. (accessed January 7, 2012).
9. Hall, W. R.; Knoff, W. F. Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics [Online] 2008, 3 (4), (accessed March 2009).

* Note: Reference Example 1. above is an example of a typical scientific journal and periodical article reference format. Last name, first name for all author names followed by semicolon. The final author name is followed by a period. No punctuation between title and date—unless last word in title abbreviated. Date and following comma are both bold for journal articles only. Volume in italics, issue number in parentheses. No “pp” preceding page numbers for journal articles.

Author’s Address 

A complete correspondence address must be included with each manuscript, including: name, company or institution, mailing address, telephone number, fax number, and email address.

Content review and Indexing

Manuscripts submitted as Applied Technology articles to be published in AATCC Review are content reviewed for accuracy and relevance. These articles are not indexed in Science Citation Index Extended, unlike articles in our peer-reviewed scientific journal, AATCC Journal of Research.


You may submit your manuscript online, or, if you wish to submit your manuscript as an email attachment or ask questions about manuscript submission, please contact Ann Holland, Acquisitions Editor, AATCC, PO Box 12215, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709, USA; fax +1.919.549.8933.

Updated June 2021

AATCC’s publications are copyrighted. Before you make photocopies or share content, please make sure you have the proper permission.   COPYRIGHT FORM


Before Publication

  • Authors must sign a copyright form before manuscripts are considered for publication.
    • Conference presenters should also sign a copyright form.
    • For exceptions, contact AATCC.
  • AATCC does not accept previously-published manuscripts. (AATCC will consider conference papers  with the permission of the conference organizer.)
  • Authors must provide written permission (from the copyright holder) for use of any previously-published text, tables, figures, and photographs in their work.
  • Authors must provide written permission from each person shown (or his/her guardian) in submitted photographs.

After Publication

  • Authors retain all rights to their data for use in future research and publications. Authors are granted generous rights to their published work, but must contact AATCC before distribution. (Complete Author Permission Request.)
  • The Author Permission Request form is for personal uses of the work only. Authors or their companies/institutions wishing to use the work for promotional or commercial purposes should contact Copyright Clearance Center (CCC).

For questions regarding appropriate uses of published material, contact AATCC.

Personal Uses

  • See Author Permission Request form
  • Curriculum vitae or professional portfolio
  • Posting to personal website or personal page of company site
  • Republish a selected table or figure in future work
  • Use a selected table or figure in a PowerPoint or poster presentation
  • Classroom handouts or reserves

Commercial Uses

  • Contact CCC
  • Promotional brochure
  • Posting to company site as news or resource material
  • Republish full article in a textbook
  • Republish full or excerpted article in a conference book of papers
  • Tradeshow handouts


AATCC Copyright Policy

  • Copyright for content published in AATCC journals, newsletters, books, e-books, or on its website, belongs to AATCC unless otherwise noted.
  • No permission is required for “fair use” of copyrighted material.
  • For other uses, please contact Copyright Clearance Center (+1.978.750.8400) for permission. The ISSN for AATCC Review is 1532-8813.

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