Maria ThiryMay 1, 2024 Press Release

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C., May 3, 2024 – Every year, AATCC student chapters name a graduating senior to be recognized for academic achievement and contribution to the chapter, school, and society. This year AATCC presented each chapter award recipient with a certificate, copy of the book Color Vision and Technology, and an official AATCC graduation cord. Awardees also receive one year of free membership in AATCC as they start their careers.

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Malia Chang is pursuing a degree in Apparel Merchandising & Management, Textiles Option. Chang is currently president of the AATCC SoCal Broncos student organization (2023-2024) and was previously secretary (2023-2022). She has kept the club active with consistent participation with 3-4 department and campus activities per semester, including Open House and Pumpkin Festivals, that reach a broader local community.






Fashion Institute of Technology

Samantha Galanti is a Textile Development and Marketing major. Galanti currently serves as the President of Fashion Institute of Technology’s (FIT) student chapter of AATCC, and she is a shining example of what an AATCC officer should be. Galanti uses the knowledge that she has gained through AATCC and her TDM major and readily applies it in the outside world, participating in panels, events, and activist movements related to the textile industry.






Florida State University

Alex Lackovic is a top student in the Retail Entrepreneurship program at Florida State University (FSU). He immediately took an interest in the opportunity to serve and lead the FSU Chapter of AATCC in a desperate time of rebuilding. Lackovic took on the challenge and has not once shied away from it, even when participation has been lacking. He has participated in AATCC’s merchandising and design challenges and it is no doubt he will be highly sought after on the job market following graduation. Lackovic has been the greatest asset to the FSU Chapter of AATCC for the past two years since he took on a leadership role as Chapter President. During the pandemic, the student membership numbers dropped drastically from 50+ to less than 10. Leadership turnover was frequent, and he took on the challenge of reviving AATCC in a very competitive professional organization environment in our program. He inspired others to join him along the way on the officer team and created a vision for where the FSU Chapter of AATCC would go moving forward. He has served in the role of President for almost two years and will be graduating this spring. He has organized creative events to appeal to Retail Entrepreneurship students from jewelry making and mood board creation to testing lab tours and bringing in outside speakers.  Lackovic has gone above and beyond in his service to AATCC at Florida State University.


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Georgia Institute of Technology

Anush Singhal, a senior pursuing a BS in Materials Science and Engineering at Georgia Tech, has demonstrated exemplary service to the school community through his active involvement in various leadership roles. As the Director of Curriculum Initiatives and DEI Representative on the Georgia Tech materials science and engineering (MSE) Undergraduate Student Advisory Council, Singhal collaborates with faculty to modernize laboratory classes and fosters a diverse and inclusive environment for over 200 students. Additionally, he spearheads engagement opportunities for international students, contributing to a significant increase in enrollment. Singhal’s dedication to enhancing academic experience and promoting diversity underscores his commitment to serving the school community. Singhal ‘s leadership roles include serving as External Advisor and Chief Executive Officer at the Materials Innovation Learning Laboratory, where he supervises research-grade equipment and coordinates collaborative efforts. An active member of the MSE Undergraduate Student Advisory Council, Singhal drives curriculum initiatives and fosters diversity and inclusion within the school community.


Government College University Faisalabad

Bisma Sadiq is an excellent student in the field of textile chemistry. She is a group leader for new students who have joined the school’s research cluster. For the AATCC chapter, she has helped in arranging one tie dye workshop and two seminars on statistics. She is now planning a study tour of industries, along with research group members, to explore practical experience in textiles.






North Carolina State University

Sophie Frain has held multiple positions within the AATCC student chapter including advertising officer and president. As president, Frain worked to bring students from all degree programs into the student chapter and to organize guest speakers and industry trips to provide members with valuable learning experiences. Furthermore, her work in the pilot laboratory not only gave her experience, but it also allowed her to help industry clients with their product development.






NED University of Engineering & Technology

As a dedicated final year textile engineering student, Amna Siddiq’s journey within the textile industry and the AATCC chapter has been quite innovative and informative. Siddiq is honored to be the only female textile engineer among nine students from Pakistan—alongside female engineers from Turkey, Romania, and South Africa—to be chosen for an international program (WE-inTech) aimed at empowering female engineers in the Research and Development department. This opportunity has allowed her to incorporate AATCC standards in developing a project focused on water recycling in washing machines, considering its effect on the textile’s quality with a keen focus on sustainability. Her engagement with AATCC has enabled her to interact with expert scholars in the field of textiles. Beginning with her volunteer work at the 5th International Textile Conference, ever since Siddiq has been an active member as a Co-Head Graphic designer, offering her skills to visually represent her chapter’s events, including a career seminar, visit to the Textile Institute of Pakistan, and webpage design to showcase her chapter’s achievements at AATCC’s Textile Discovery Summit 2023. Her contributions are driven to foster community engagement.



Thomas Jefferson University

Ashley Clark possesses both talented design skills coupled with a strong acumen for science. She is energetic and inquisitive and enjoys learning new things. She tutors textile students and trains students studying other disciplines in the use of analytical equipment in the Jeff Bruner Materials Characterization Lab. Clark regularly attends AATCC chapter events and has encouraged students new to campus to join. She has been instrumental in training students using equipment in the Jeff Bruner Materials Characterization Laboratory, using her textile knowledge to its fullest.






University of Delaware

Casey Tyler is a Fashion Design and Product Innovation major. Tyler has been constantly engaged with University of Delaware (UD) campus student clubs, such as the AATCC UD chapter, The New, and Synergy—three of the most popular fashion clubs. Within The New, they started out as a model, then quickly became the Model Director. After finding help with some of the duties, they started a design team that brought together designers from all departments to create outfits that would be featured in the club’s magazine, and on the runway, at the magazine’s debut. In addition, they’ve volunteered for projects like the Flex Factory recycled bag assembly for all members at the International Textile and Apparel Association 2023 Conference. Tyler is constantly looking for sustainable ways to use/re-use/make fashion and textiles.




University of Rhode Island

Payton Becker stands out for her academic achievements. Becker has made significant contributions to both the school and the AATCC Student Chapter at URI. As President, she has revitalized the chapter with her leadership, organizing events such as webinars and screen-printing workshop, that bridge the gap between textiles theory and practice, which enriches the academic environment and fosters a spirit of service. Becker has also played a key role in mentoring her peers, facilitating knowledge exchange, and enhancing the overall student experience. Her dedication to promoting textiles education and her active engagement in chapter activities demonstrate an exceptional commitment to service, making her a valuable member of the AATCC community.





Virginia Tech

Hannah Finnell has been on the dean’s list every semester since her start at Virginia Tech. Finnell has served as the president of the AATCC student chapter at Virginia Tech since Fall 2023. She fostered a positive and welcoming environment for all students to join the chapter. She consistently held monthly meetings and organized activities for the chapter, such as movie nights, vision board making, and many social activities. She started an Instagram page for the chapter as a recruitment tool to let more students know about the chapter and attract them to join. She also works with faculty members to spread the word about the chapter and encourage students from other majors at Virginia Tech to join.

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