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The Business of Colors…from eColorWorld Blog

By: Mike Quante

As the seasons change, so do colors…for nature and for the clothes we wear. Predicting, defining, and communicating those colors for apparel is both a science and an art, involving ecocolorworld colorstextile professionals throughout the supply chain. It’s not just the dyes, but also the fabrics, treatments, store lighting, customer feedback, and a host of other factors to consider in the complex and fascinating business of textile coloration.

eColorWorld is a blog, cosponsored by DyStar and Color Solutions International (CSI), “featuring cutting edge information from our experts in dyes, chemicals, and color communication.”  Along with their continuing focus on upcoming color trends, eColorWorld is starting a series “The Business of Color,” highlighting experiences of business professional and the challenges they face bringing color to market.

johndarsyintopost colors

In ecoColorWorld’s first installment, John Darsey, the founder of CSI and past AATCC president, shares his travels through the business of color. We look forward to hearing more stories and sharing the inspiration…coming soon!

In the meantime, enjoy this AATCC News story about the opening of CSI ColorSpace in Charlotte, NC, USA.

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