Diana WymanDecember 20, 2022 Press Release

AATCC presents several prestigious awards each year, along with thousands of dollars in honoraria. Some awards were established to recognize outstanding achievers in the textile sciences, whose discoveries influence the world. Others recognize AATCC members for service to the Association that has strengthened and promoted its purpose and mission to the world.

Nominate a deserving colleague, mentor, or protégé to acknowledge hard work and innovation. Nominations for all awards are due March 31, 2023. Selected recipients will be recognized at the AATCC Textile Discovery Summit September 12-14, 2023. Awards include complementary registration for the Summit and several include cash prizes.

Learn more about AATCC awards or submit a nomination at https://aatcc.org/awards/.

Olney Medal

Established in 1944 in honor of Louis Atwell Olney, the founder and first president of AATCC, the Olney Medal recognizes outstanding achievement in textile or polymer chemistry or other fields of major importance to textile science.


Chapin Award

The Chapin Award was established in 1958 in honor of Harold C. Chapin, professor of chemistry at Lowell Textile School, who served as national secretary of AATCC for nearly 25 years. Senior members who have dedicated 20 or more years of continuous service to the Association are eligible for nomination. The award is a presented as a beautifully illustrated scroll.


AATCC Technical Committee on Research (TCR) Service Award

The award recognizes up to two senior members, with at least five years of continuous membership in AATCC, who have contributed outstanding technical service to the Association through activity in a research committee.


AATCC Future Leaders Award

This award recognizes promising young professionals in the fields of textiles, apparel, and related material sciences. Nominees must be members of AATCC, 39 years of age or younger, and exhibit leadership skills.


AATCC Education Award

This award was created to recognize those members who have contributed extensively to the educational activities of AATCC.


AATCC Faculty Advisor Award

This award recognizes and promotes the work of AATCC student chapter faculty advisors who actively work to ensure their AATCC student chapters are active and growing.


The Chapin Scroll presented for service to AATCC.





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