• Innovation in Digital Color Management for Textiles 

    Guest March 14, 2023 AATCC Newsletter

    Digital textile printing has been around for two decades. But it has never played a major role in the rather conservative prevalent analogue textile market. Until recently! The Digital Textile Printing Market Outlook (2022-2029) reveals an expected annual growth of 16.3% to US$8 billion, and synergistic innovation is crucial. As Malaysian Knitting Manufacturers Association (MKMA) […]

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  • AATCC TM214: New Approach to an Old Challenge

    Diana Wyman March 7, 2023 Press Release

    Moisture management comes in many forms and there are numerous test methods to address the phenomenon in textiles. In February 2023, AATCC introduced a new test method to measure accumulated condensation on a fabric. AATCC TM214 Test Method for Measuring Condensation on Textiles in a Humid Microclimate can be purchased now as a downloadable PDF […]

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  • AATCC Communities Quick-Start Guide

    Josie Cranfill February 28, 2023 Uncategorized

    The brand-new membership platform, AATCC Communities, is now live! Feel free to visit the site using the link below or scroll on to learn about navigating your new membership benefit. Welcome to AATCC Communities! 1. Log-In Click the link above. It will take you to the following page. From here, log in with your AATCC […]

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  • EPA on PFAS at AATCC Chemical Applications Meeting

    Diana Wyman February 21, 2023 Press Release

    March 30; 2-3 PM (ET) www.aatcc.org/aatcc-events/chemap-0323/ In March, the AATCC Chemical Applications interest group will host a discussion on per- and poly fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Speakers will include US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Environmental Engineer Doruntinë Rexhepi and EMPA’s Zhanyun Wang. The virtual meeting will be a prelude to AATCC’s full-scale in-person conference on Navigating […]

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  • Fibers and Fabrics of the Future

    Guest February 14, 2023 AATCC Newsletter

    Fibers: Threads of Life Natural fibers were key to early human development, mobility, and survival, with the oldest known example, flax, dating back 34,000 years. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, humans discovered how to create their own fibers, such as artificial silk (rayon) and nylon. Methods of yarn construction also evolved, whereby hand […]

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  • AATCC Committee Updates

    Diana Wyman February 14, 2023 AATCC Newsletter

    As an international standards body, AATCC follows the Principles for the Development of International Standards, Guides and Recommendations defined by the World Trade Organization (WTO). The first of these principles is Transparency—keeping members and the industry informed of standards-related projects. AATCC research committees meet at least twice per year to develop and update textile standards, […]

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  • AATCC Interest Groups Host Free Lecture Series

    Diana Wyman February 9, 2023 Press Release

    Whether you’re interested in textiles for outer space or the inner workings of AATCC, there’s an upcoming presentation for you. AATCC Interest Groups are hosting monthly presentations on a variety of topics. All meetings and recordings are available exclusively to AATCC members at no cost. Not a member yet? Join at https://members.aatcc.org/4DCGI/join/intro.html February 2023 February […]

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  • AATCC Standard Liquid Detergent Back in Stock

    Erika Simmons February 7, 2023 Press Release

    AATCC is pleased to announce the long-awaited return of AATCC High Efficiency (HE) Liquid Standard Reference Detergent! While the powered AATCC 1993 Standard Reference Detergent is the standard for many textile test methods, the liquid formulation has some undeniable advantages. Want to know more about detergent? Register for “A Fresh Spin” digital lab on March […]

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  • Thanks to AATCC Foundation Donors

    Diana Wyman February 2, 2023 Press Release

    While 2022 was a financially challenging year for all, AATCC Foundation donors came through to support students and future textile professionals. AATCC Foundation Inc provides nearly $100,000 per year in scholarships, grants, and other resources to students studying all aspects of textiles—from fashion design to advance materials. In Fall 2022, the Foundation launched a new […]

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  • Give AATCC Color! Competition

    Diana Wyman January 31, 2023 Press Release

    With its rich history in color and coloration, AATCC is looking to brighten the walls of its Technical Center. And as a member-driven association, it only makes sense to let the members decorate! AATCC is partnering with corporate member Felt Right to sponsor a design competition using a colorful, functional, sustainable, textile-based medium. AATCC members […]

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  • PPE: Where Do We Go from Here?

    Guest January 30, 2023 AATCC Newsletter

    The recent Covid-19 pandemic has placed medical personal protection equipment (PPE) in the limelight. PPE not only played a critical role in helping protect healthcare workers during the pandemic, but face mask requirements also made it a necessity for the general public. As Covid-19 continues to be a presence and people continue to use face […]

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  • Learn Why Standard Detergent Matters

    Erika Simmons January 26, 2023 Press Release

    March 9, 2023 11AM (ET) www.aatcc.org/detergentlab If you’ve ever wondered which detergent to use for textile testing—or if it even matters, join AATCC Technical Associate Garry Atkinson and Geri Lykins of Procter & Gamble to learn all the details. The one-hour virtual presentation will cover detergent selection, storage, and use as well as chemistry and […]

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