• 3d Size Standards Impact Sustainability, Brand Messaging, and the Bottom Line

    Guest September 27, 2022 AATCC Newsletter

    Rich folks have it easy. Those with the means can go to their couturier or tailor and have everything from evening gowns and bespoke tuxes to everyday career ensembles (assuming one has to actually “work”) created to fit their bodies flawlessly, assuring that they always look their best. As technology evolves, even the prices of […]

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  • New Look for AATCC Meetings

    Diana Wyman September 23, 2022 Press Release

    AATCC’s November Research Committee and Interest Group meetings will feature a new venue, food trucks, shuttle service, and several special activities! The opportunity to influence textile standards remains the same. All are welcome to observe or actively participate as committees develop and update standards for testing textiles and more. There is no fee or membership […]

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  • When Do AATCC Scales REALLY Need to Be Replaced?

    Diana Wyman September 19, 2022 AATCC Newsletter

    The scales used by textile testing labs are carefully designed and checked for consistency, but they can change with time, exposure, and handling. Follow the guidelines below to ensure repeatable evaluations using AATCC scales. Most scales should be replaced annually, but some can last longer, especially with regular verification. Gray Scales AATCC EP1 Gray Scale […]

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  • AATCC Announces New Nylon Sleeve

    Garry Atkinson September 13, 2022 Press Release

    The AATCC Nylon Sleeve 129 & Standard of Fade is now available in a new, more sustainable format. The nylon sleeve fabric, or standard control fabric, is used in AATCC Test Method 129, Test Method for Colorfastness to Ozone in the Atmosphere under High Humidities. The test method is popularly used by labs in the […]

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  • AATCC Wins 2022 Tabbie Award

    Maria Thiry September 12, 2022 Press Release

    AATCC has won yet another Tabbie award for an in-depth feature article, published in the March/April 2019 issue of AATCC Review, written by feature writer Craig Crawford. The annual Tabbie Awards are sponsored by Trade Association Business Publications International (TABPI). The 2022 Tabbie Awards featured nominations from across the globe, with submissions coming from the […]

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  • Reconnections and Committees

    Erika Simmons September 12, 2022 Press Release

    AATCC Committees provide the helping hands, hearts, and minds that bring textile industry standards to life.  Each year, AATCC committees provide groundbreaking standards and conferences that fill much-needed industry gaps.  More than 30 AATCC Research Committees will meet this November to develop test methods, conferences, and other educational programs or publications. When you connect with […]

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  • The Digital Showroom is No Longer Optional

    Guest September 2, 2022 AATCC Newsletter

    In a pre-pandemic world, only pioneering digitally advanced brands such as UnderArmour were deploying digital showroom platforms alongside virtual selling platforms, and digital asset management solutions. Wherever possible, such early adopters aspired to include 3D product “digital twins” to reduce sales sample costs while also improving marketplace efficiencies by providing internal teams (public relations, marketing, […]

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  • AATCC Proposes Constitution Changes

    Diana Wyman August 30, 2022 Press Release

    This September, members of the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC) will vote on new Board members for the 2023-2024 term. They will also vote on significant amendments to the AATCC Constitution proposed by the C6 Membership Committee. The proposed amendments address two major items as well as minor updates to procedures and […]

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  • AATCC Dedicates Library to Former Executive Vice President

    Diana Wyman August 24, 2022 Press Release

    As AATCC’s Executive Vice President for more than 20 years, John Y “Jack” Daniels was often found in the Technical Center library researching changes to a test method, corporate members from the 60s, or foundational articles on reactive dyeing. In November 2022, that library will be named in his honor at a public ceremony. The […]

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  • Early Registration is Open for AATCC’s Textile Discovery Summit

    Angela Jabara August 19, 2022 Press Release

    Are you looking for ways to learn and interact with others in the textile industry? You’re in luck – early registration for AATCC’s Textile Discovery Summit is now open! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to learn from industry experts and connect with others in the textile community. AATCC’s Textile Discovery Summit is an annual […]

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  • Science versus Art: A Friendly Competition

    Diana Wyman August 17, 2022 Press Release

    The AATCC Foundation provides scholarships and grants to students with an interest in any or all aspects of the textile industry. The Foundation recently launched a fundraising campaign to endow two of its most popular scholarships: the Textile Chemistry Scholarship for undergraduates pursuing courses or programs related to textile, polymer, or color science; and the […]

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  • AATCC Announces Upcoming Committee Meetings

    Diana Wyman August 11, 2022 Press Release

    Committee meetings are a great way to get involved in AATCC and make your voice heard in the textile community. AATCC hosts committee meetings in the spring and in the fall, and are free to attend. The two types of meetings are the administrative meetings and the research meetings. Not an AATCC member? Not a […]

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