• AATCC Announces 2023 Student Chapter Award Winners

    Bhavani Jayaraman May 30, 2023 Press Release

    Every year, the AATCC student chapters name a graduating senior to be recognized for their academic achievement and contribution to the chapter, school, and society. This year, AATCC presented each chapter award recipient with a certificate, copy of the book Color Vision and Technology, and an official AATCC graduation cord. Awardees are also presented with […]

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  • Wildland Firefighter Protection—Taming Extreme Environments

    Guest May 19, 2023 AATCC Newsletter

    As humans continue to encroach into wildlands, fire risks to property and health can result. This is especially true in the Western United States, where drought, high winds, and lightning strikes often lead to these disastrous fires. In 2022, 66,255 fires burned 7,534,403 acres in the United States. Wildland firefighters serve on the front lines […]

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  • Scholarship Donations Honor Dr. Perry Grady

    Bhavani Jayaraman May 16, 2023 Press Release

    Perry Grady was a lifelong supporter of AATCC and the NC State Wilson College of Textiles. When he died in January 2023, his family suggested gifts in his memory be made to AATCC Foundation. Friends and colleagues donated more than $2,000 to the Grady, Hauser, Houser, Daniels Graduate Fellowship. GHHD Fellowship The AATCC Foundation Grady, Hauser, […]

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  • Northwest Section 2023 Officer Election

    Josie Cranfill May 11, 2023 Uncategorized

    AATCC Sections are the heart and soul of the Association. In order to remain in good standing, sections must hold periodic elections to ensure proper representation of their members. The Northwest Section is holding the annual election digitally this year for member convenience. To learn more about the candidates, read the bios below, then vote […]

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  • Last Chance for 2023 AATCC Proficiency Testing Programs

    Bhavani Jayaraman May 11, 2023 AATCC Newsletter

    Registration deadlines are approaching for AATCC Proficiency Testing Programs (PTP). Most AATCC PTP modules are offered twice per year. It’s not too late to register for the second round of each module! Just add PTP registrations for the remainder of 2023 to your online cart along with quality control materials, standards, and other items. PTPs […]

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  • Membership Bonus and Color Testing at ITMA Booth

    Bhavani Jayaraman May 9, 2023 Press Release

    AATCC, the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists, connects the global textile community to empower an innovative, informed, and sustainable future. Serving textile professionals since 1921, AATCC is bringing exciting new initiatives to ITMA. Individuals who join AATCC during the show receive four extra months added to their new one-year membership. AATCC membership provides access to […]

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  • 3D Printing for Textiles

    Guest May 1, 2023 AATCC Newsletter

    3D Printing: Definition and Development   Three-dimensional (3D) printing, or additive manufacturing, is a one-step process during which filaments or materials are applied in layers according to a geometric configuration using a digital file. The process originated in the 1980s when Hideo Kodama developed a prototyping device whereby ultraviolet (UV) lights were used to harden […]

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  • AATCC Signs MOU for Sri Lanka National Standards

    Bhavani Jayaraman April 27, 2023 Press Release

    AATCC Executive Vice President Diana Wyman and Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI) Director General Siddhika G Senaratne recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU). The MOU allows Sri Lanka to adopt AATCC test methods and procedures as national standards. SLSI staff also became members of AATCC and relevant committees. According to the MOU, the new […]

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  • What Happens When Our Clothes Talk Back to Us?

    Guest April 21, 2023 AATCC Newsletter

    What does Google’s April announcement of the closure of their Jacquard project mean about the future of e-textiles? Google’s Jacquard technology (revealed in 2015) embedded touch sensors and haptic feedback into clothing that, when paired with a smartphone, allowed wearers — through gestures on the garments — to perform smartphone activities such as make and […]

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  • AATCC Partners with Industry for LED Conversion

    Bhavani Jayaraman April 11, 2023 Press Release

    For more than 50 years, labs around the world have used the same lighting conditions as well as standardized sample preparation, laundering procedures, and grading scales for consistent evaluation of textile appearance. Now, AATCC is combining that consistency with more energy efficient options. Lighting conditions impact the appearance of textile products—and just about everything else. […]

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  • Improved Soil Standards from AATCC

    Bhavani Jayaraman April 6, 2023 Press Release

    AATCC committee RA57 Floor Covering Test Methods recently voted to move its synthetic soil formulation to a laboratory procedure document, making it easier to find and use for multiple applications. Users can now reference AATCC LP4 Laboratory Procedure for Synthetic Soil. The new procedure is available immediately as a downloadable PDF file and will appear […]

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  • AATCC Committees Invite Participants

    Bhavani Jayaraman April 4, 2023 Press Release

    Members are the lifeblood of everything AATCC does and committees are where the work gets done. All members (and even nonmembers) are welcome to be part of the process during Spring committee weeks! Meetings and all associated activities are free.    Administrative Committee Meetings April 13-14, 17-18 www.aatcc.org/admin Research Committee Meetings May 16-18 www.aatcc.org/aatcc-events/research   […]

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