TCR Service Award Recipients


Below are past recipients of the TCR Service Award.

2019: Gina Sloan
For her leadership of AATCC’s RA31 Antimicrobial Activity Test Methods research committee.

2018: Lisa Earnshaw
For leading thorough reviews and revisions of AATCC Test Method 8 and Test Method 61.

2017: Carla MacClamrock, Cotton Incorporated
Contributed toward the development of a new test method for formaldehyde determination.

2016: Paul Johnson, 3M (retired)
Development of the new Stain Release Replica for AATCC Test Method 130 and other contributions during his many years as a chair of AATCC RA56 Stain Resistance Test               Methods.

2014: Kenneth Greeson, Cotton Incorporated
Toward a major revision of AATCC Test Method 97 under the auspices of AATCC Committee RA34

2014: Adam R. Varley, VarTest Laboratories
Toward the development of the AATCC Fiber ID Technical Supplement and the continuous updating of AATCC Test Methods 20 and 20A

2013: Gregory Haggquist, Cocona Inc.
Development toward two new drying rate test methods (Test Methods 200 and 201) under the auspices of AATCC Committee RA63

2012: Richard Slomko, Atlas Materials Testing Technology LLC
Toward the major revision of AATCC Test Method 16, Colorfastness to Light, into three parts for better clarification

2011: Roland L. Connelly Sr., RoLyn Group Consulting
Development and execution of the AATCC UV Calibration Program and Evaluation Procedure 11

2011: Norma M. Keyes, Keyes Consulting
Development of the Liquid Moisture Management Test Method and Moisture Management Technical Supplement

2010: Luther M. Myers, Test Materials Consulting
Over a decade as chair/acting chair of AATCC RA33, Colorfastness to Atmospheric Contaminants Test Methods

2009: Adi B. Chehna, Textile Tech Services
As chair of AATCC Committee RA99, Technical Manual Editorial Review