Millson Award Recipients


Below are past recipients of the Millson Award.

2015: Kevin Plank and the Innovation Team at Under Armour
Creation and development of moisture-wicking athletic wear based on synthetic microfiber fabrics

2012: Gabriel R. Patricio, John Heisterman, Luisa C. DeMorais, Deidre Townes,
Anabela Dugas, Carole A. Winterhalter, Timothy R. O’Neill, Rosemary A.  Lomba, and Barbara J. Quinn
Counter surveillance camouflage patterns for a variety of military environments

2009: Nester B. Knoepfler
Development of flame retardant treatment of cotton batting during the 1970s

2008: John R. Provost and Wim Prinsen
Development of the first commercially available inkjet printer for textile fabrics

2007: W. L. Gore and Robert Gore
Discovery of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) and its applications

2006: David A. Offord
Nanotechnology for oil and water repellent finishing for textiles

2005: David M. Lewis and C. Douglas Weston
Cumulative body of inventions in reactive dyes and their applications

2004: Roger Bacon and Leonard Singer
Development of high performance carbon fibers

2003: Neal E. Franks
Lyocell fiber (Tencel)

2002: Max A. Weaver
Development of heterocyclic Azo dyes for polyesters and polyamides

2001: Stephanie Kwolek

2000: I. D. Rattee and W. E. Stephen
Fiber reactive dyes

1999: Paul W. Mickler
Vacuum slot technology for textile finishing


1998: William H. Stewart
Ink jet printing of carpeting

1997: John D. Turner
Durable press finishes to 100% cotton garments

1996: Wilhelm Christ
Airflow jet dyeing machine

1995: Fredgar Hoffman
Development of the system of “K” values for dyes and auxiliaries and for rate of constants for fibers

1994: Angelo J. Sabia
Development of surfactants and silicone softeners

1993: Bernard F. North
Advancement of resin finishing technology including ultra low and formaldehyde free applications

1992: Sueo Kawabata
Kawabata Evaluation System (KES) – textile testing devices

1991: Wolfhard Beckmann
Rationalization of dyeing process

1990: Ulrich Meyer
Tracing the cause of catalytic damage to cotton fabrics during peroxide bleaching and largely eliminating the problem

1989: Winfried T. Holfeld
Improved the dye uniformity of nylon and polyester fabrics


1988: Hugh R. Davidson and Henry Hemmendinger
Color matching computer systems

1987: Dietrich R. Hildebrand
Fundamentals of chemical and physico-chemical properties, reaction kinectics and techniques of application of dyes

1986: Andrew G. Pierce Jr., and John G. Frick, Jr.
Magnesium chloridehydroxy acid mixed catalyst systems in durable press finishing

1985: Herman B. Goldstein
Process for the manufacture of DMDHEU

1984: Victor T. Fahringer (posthumously)
Jet dyeing machine

1983: Valentin Appenzeller
Swimming roll pad

1982: George M. Bryant and Andrew T. Walter
FFT (Foam Finishing Technology)


1981: L. Russell Maguire
Flowtrue Logroll

1980: Samuel Smith
Soil release finishes

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