AATCC Faculty Advisor Award



Nomination Form (due March 31!) Send completed form to Manisha Patel

Purpose of the Award

The purpose of the award is to recognize and promote the work of AATCC student chapter faculty advisors who are active AATCC members and who work to ensure their AATCC student chapters are active and growing. Many universities discourage their faculty from spending time with student activity groups—however, AATCC chapters are different from other student activity groups because they encourage a connection with the greater textile industry, which will benefit students after graduation. The award should serve as a vehicle for the advisors to demonstrate the benefit of their work with the AATCC Student Chapter to their universities.

Award Details

  • All AATCC members (including Student Members) can nominate candidates for this award. Self-nominations are acceptable.
  • Award cannot be awarded to same individual for two consecutive years
  • Award nominations will be sought annually, in the same schedule as other AATCC awards
    • If no qualifying individuals are nominated, then no award will be given that year
  • The Faculty Advisor Award will be presented and recognized at the International Conference
  • The Faculty Advisor Awardee will receive complimentary registration to International Conference
  • The Faculty Advisor Awardee will receive an honorarium ($500)
    • The funding for this award will be budgeted under awards
  • Additional award benefits include:
    • Award certificate/plaque
    • Display of the award poster
    • Participation in the Award Recipients’ Reception before the Awards Luncheon, including a formal photo with award certificate
    • AATCC Review article, with bios and photos of winner
    • Press releases about the award and winner
    • Mention in the AATCC News newsletter and AATCC social media

Award Requirements & Qualifications

  • Must be an AATCC Faculty Advisor of an AATCC Student Chapter for at least 2 years (if judges must choose between 2 candidates who are otherwise equal, preference will be given to the candidate who has been an advisor for longer)
  • Must advise an active AATCC student chapter
    • Active Student Chapters have at least 15 or more student members (as of AATCC’s May 1st count)
    • Active Students Chapters also must organize a minimum of 2 activities per school year
  • Advisor must be an active senior AATCC member
    • Must be a Senior AATCC member
    • Must participate in AATCC activities besides being an advisor, such as attending International Conference, attending or presenting at AATCC educational events, volunteer in committees or attend committee meetings, participate or publish in AATCC publications, etc.
  • Must be an active AATCC Faculty Advisor
    • This includes advising and encouraging student participation in AATCC Student-related activities such as having students participate in AATCC Competitions (Student Design Competitions, Student Merchandising Competition, Herman and Myrtle Goldstein Student Paper Competition), nominating students for awards, have students apply for AATCC Foundation Scholarships or Grants, etc.
  • Must demonstrate growth in student chapter
    • Growth can result from increased AATCC Student memberships, increased participation at student chapter events, or increased number of student chapter events