Young Entreprenuer


Young Entrepreneur Award

Young Entrepreneur Award Nomination Form

An entrepreneur has possession of a new enterprise, venture, or idea, and assumes significant accountability for the inherent risks and outcomes of the creation.

Those recognized by this award shall be less than 40 years of age and engaged in business or industry based on the Objects of the Association as described in the Constitution:

-To increase knowledge of the application of colorants, chemicals and  polymers in the Textile Industry.
-To encourage in any practical way research work on textile design and coloration, chemical processes and materials of importance to the textile industry.
-To establish for the members channels by which the interchange of professional knowledge among them may be increased.

The award is not limited to AATCC members. Nominees’ qualifications will be evaluated by the committee without regard to the number of nominations for a particular nominee.

A recognition plaque and a US$500 honorarium are presented at AATCC’s International Conference.

Submit nomination letter to:

John Y. Daniels, AATCC
PO Box 12215
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-2215
phone +1 919 549 3522
fax +1 919 549 8933

Previous Award Recipients:

2010 Brian Swarn Receives Young Entrepreneur Award (AATCC Review, May/June 2011)

2011 Rachel Lessne is 2011 Young Entrepreneur (AATCC Review, January/February 2012)

2012 Nicole Nichols Wilson Young Entrepreneur Award Winner (AATCC Review, March/April 2013)

2013 Christina Beauvais Young Entrepreneur Award Winner (AATCC Review, March/April 2014)

2014 Sarah Bellos is the Young Entrepreneur Award Recipient (AATCC Review, March/April 2015)

2015 Patrick Whaley to receive Young Entrepreneur Award (AATCC Review, March/April 2016) (Video)

2016 Cody Reynolds Receives the Young Entrepreneur Award (AATCC Review, May/June 2017)