Below are past recipients of the Olney Medal.
Also, from NCSU: Olney Medalists 1944-1968

2019: H. Kenneth Greeson, Cotton Incorporated
2018: Howard Malpass, Denim Dyeing Technical Service LLC
2017: Peter Hauser, North Carolina State University (Olney Address)
2016: Gang Sun, University of California, Davis (Olney Address)
2015: Fred L. Cook, Georgia Institute of Technology (Olney Address) (Video)
2014: S. Haig Zeronian, University of California, Davis (Olney Address) (Video)
2013: John Richard Aspland, Clemson University (Olney Address)
2012: Charles Q. Yang, The University of Georgia (Olney Address) (Video)
2011: Martin Bide, University of Rhode Island (Olney Address)
2010: Ian R. Hardin, The University of Georgia (Olney Address)
2009: S. Kay Obendorf, Cornell University (Olney Address)
2008: David Malcolm Lewis, University of Leeds (Olney Address)
2007: C. Brent Smith, North Carolina State University
2006: Keith R. Beck, North Carolina State University (Olney Address)
2005: Rolf G. Kuehni, North Carolina State University
2004: Harold S. Freeman, North Carolina State University (Olney Address)
2003: Howard L. Needles, Consultant
2002: Max A. Weaver, Consultant
2001: George L. Baughman, University of Georgia
2000: Tyrone Vigo, US Department of Agriculture
1999: Warren S. Perkins, University of Georgia
1998: Joseph C. Shivers, DuPont
1997: Hans H. Kuhn, Milliken Research Corp. (Olney Address)
1996: Wayne C. Tincher, Georgia Institute of Technology
1995: Vivian T. Stannett, North Carolina State University (Olney Address)
1994: J. Nolan Etters, University of Georgia
1993: Herbert T. Pratt, DuPont Co. (Olney Address)
1992: Bethlehem K. Andrews, US Department of Agriculture
1991: Robert J. Harper Jr., US Department of Agriculture
1990: Hans-Dietrich H. Weigmann, Textile Research Institute
1989: J. Lee Rush, AlliedSignal Inc.
1988: Martin K. Lindemann, Consultant (Olney Address)
1987: Ludwig Rebenfeld, Textile Research Institute
1986: Melvin D. Hurwitz, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
1985: Stanley P. Rowland, US Department of Agriculture
1984: Ralph McGregor, North Carolina State University
1983: Theodore F. Cooke, Textile Research Institute
1982: Stephen B. Sello, J. P. Stevens & Co.
1981: Mathias J. Schuler, DuPont Co.
1980: Roland E. Derby Jr., Derby Co.
1979: Joseph W. Gibson Jr., DuPont Co.
1978: Dmitry M. Gagarine, Milliken Research Corp.
1977: James M. Straley, Tennessee Eastman Co.
1976: George L. Drake Jr., US Department of Agriculture
1975: R. Lee Wayland Jr., Dan River Inc.
1974: Henry A. Rutherford, North Carolina State University
1973: Herman B. Goldstein, Sun Chemical Corp. (Olney Address)
1972: Victor S. Salvin, University of North Carolina at Greensboro (Olney Address)
1971: Ernest R. Kaswell, Fabric Research Laboratories
1970: Paul L. Meunier, DuPont Co.
1969: D. Donald Gagliardi, Gagliardi Research Corp.
1968: Harold P. Lundgren, US Department of Agriculture
1967: Edwin I. Stearns, American Cyanamid Co.
1966: Wilson A. Reeves, US Department of Agriculture
1965: Herman F. Mark, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn
1964: Richard O. Steele, Rohm and Haas Co.
1963: Giuliana C. Tesoro, J. P. Stevens & Co.
1962: Charles F. Goldthwait, North Carolina State College
1961: Fred Fortess, Celanese Corp. of America
1960: Arnold M. Sookne, Harris Research Laboratories
1959: Emery I. Valko, Lowell Technological Institute
1958: Henry E. Millson, American Cyanamid Co.
1957: P. J. Wood, Royce Chemical Co.
1956: Walter J. Hamburger, Fabric Research Laboratories
1955: Miles A. Dahlen, DuPont Co.
1954: William D. Appel, National Bureau of Standards
1953: Roland E. Derby Sr., Derby Co.
1952: Werner von Bergen, Forstmann Woolen Co.
1951: Raymond W. Jacoby, Ciba Co.
1950: George L. Royer, American Cyanamid Co.
1949: Charles A. Seibert, DuPont Co.
1948: Harold M. Chase, Dan River Mills
1947: Edward R. Schwarz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1946: William H. Cady, US Finishing Co.
1945: Milton Harris, Milton Harris Associates
1944: Louis Atwell Olney

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