How does LED Lighting Impact Supply Chain Color Control?

October 28, 2020

How does LED Lighting Impact Supply Chain Color Control?
Recorded October 28, 2020
Presented by Ann Laidlaw, ACL Color Consulting LLC

LED light sources are an important part of the retail environment. This presentation will provide an overview of the application of LED sources in retail, including managing color in a global supply chain and recent activity by AATCC and other standards organizations.

About the Speaker
Ann Laidlaw
works with manufacturing and retail supply chain accounts at ACL Color Consulting LLC. Her industrial career includes X-Rite Inc, GretagMacbeth, SheLyn, and Burlington Industries. Throughout these companies, Ann worked to investigate innovative applications of color management for textiles and related industries. She is an active member of several color-related organizations, including ISCC, CORM, SPE, and DCC. She has served on ISCC, AATCC, and CORM Boards in the past. She is active in AATCC and is a former chair of both the Color Measurement Test Methods (RA36) committee and the C2C (Concept to Consumer) Interest Group. She received the ISCC Nickerson Award and the AATCC Chapin Award for service.

Ann is a frequent lecturer at industrial short courses and webinars. She is interested in color communication, color difference metrics, sample measurement issues, and how to leverage maximum benefit out of these solutions for retailers and their supply chains.

She received her BS in Textile Science from Univ California, Davis, and MS in Color Science from Clemson University.

AATCC MemberNon-member
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As LEDs become more ubiquitous in everyday life, it is critical to understand the impact they have on our perception of color, especially in textiles. This session will explore fundamentals of lighting, how color is affected by different light sources, and how this all relates to retail stores, customer experiences and product.

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