Proficiency Testing for Textile Labs: Finding Your Provider

June 5, 2024

10:00 - 11:00AM (ET)

Do you value dependable testing results for your fabric and textile testing?
Are you on the journey of ensuring your lab’s accreditation?

Tap the resources of AATCC, an experienced Proficiency Testing Provider for textile test methods.


In this presentation, you will learn about Proficiency Testing Programs available for the textile industry. Join Garry Atkinson, AATCC Senior Technical Associate, on June 5 at 10:00AM (ET) for this complimentary digital lab as he discusses how Proficiency Testing (PT) helps textile companies and labs to ensure they are performing textile test methods properly.

A variety of textile PT providers are available—how do you find the right one? We will dive deep into the AATCC Proficiency Testing Program for Textiles, designed to help textile laboratories improve their performance and demonstrate competence to customers and accreditation bodies.

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  • Meet the Presenter

    Garry Atkinson is a Senior Technical Associate at AATCC, where he specializes in Proficiency Testing Management, AATCC Standards, and textile testing materials. In his role, he enjoys training professionals on how to properly conduct textile test methods, and in aiding members in test method development. Garry attended North Carolina State University, where he earned a BS in Industrial Design and a Master of Science in Textiles.

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