Event Overview

*Postponed until further notice*

AATCC Piedmont Section announces Spring Technical Seminar

“Collaboration is the Key”

Manufacturing Solutions Center, Conover, NC

What we are seeing in the textile industry is the emergence of a new type of textile company that is nimble and small with a story – sustainable products, high technology, fashion or a combination of different things. The key is collaboration between companies or industries to create new products.


10:00 Welcome and Introductions

10:15-11:45  Overview + Facility Tour

Dan St. Louis of MSC and Sam Buff of the Gaston College Textile Technology Center will provide an overview of the MSC/Gaston College collaboration to test, prototype and commercialize textile products.

Tanya Wade will discuss the Carolina Textile District that is located at MSC and works with entrepreneurs to start new products.

12:00-1:00  Lunch (included in registration fee)

1:00-3:30 Four speakers, representing the four incubator companies located at MSC, will each discuss what they do, their prior experiences, their markets and why they got started.

1) InnovaKnits – Jason Wilkins – Managing Partner – InnovaKnits create a wide array of textile products and projects across a multitude of different industries, including: aerospace, energy, performance athletics, orthotics and prosthetics, molding and composites, hosiery, wearable electronics, and high end fashion and apparel.

2) YOU Compression Wear – Mark Bess

YOU Compression Wear was founded in 2016 in answer to the growing need for high quality, true graduated compression socks at an affordable price.

3) Evolved By Nature –Enrico Mortarino

This company uses Activated Silk™ technology as a “platform” to create hundreds of unique chemistries to impart different performance attributes whether in clothing, personal care or medical products. These products are all biodegradable and they hold several patents covering a wide variety of silk protein molecular compositions.

4) NuFabrx – Jordan Schindler – Founder

NuFabrx products have active ingredients embedded directly in the fabric. These active ingredients are programmed to respond to the body for predictable, effective, and long-lasting pain relief directly through contact with your skin.

3:30 adjourn

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