Fluorescence and High Visibility for Textiles

February 23, 2022 - February 24, 2022

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Fluorescence and High Visibility for Textiles was a 2-day virtual event recorded on February 23-24, 2022. The program features industry leaders and experts discussing a variety of topics including color, innovation, technology, detergents, laundering, reflective tape, testing, and product.

  • Fluorescence and High Visibility for Textiles Digital Lab

    1:00 PM - 4:45 PM (ET)
    Welcome and Opening Remarks—Nelson Houser, retired, Archroma, Moderator
    The History of Safety Colors—Roland Connelly, RoLyn Group Color Consultants
    Color plays an important role in everyday life. The development of colors, such as Safety Orange, have been helpful in providing critical visibility to people and objects across a variety of activities, from construction work to hunting and beyond. This presentation will explore the development of these colors and their impact.

    The Life of a High Visibility Shirt: A Manufacturer’s View—Denise Statham, Workwear Outfitters
    High visibility safety apparel is worn by all kinds of workers, can be laundered and cared for in a variety of ways, and can face exposures of all kinds. Manufacturers of high visibility clothing face the test of providing PPE that will protect a wearer in all of these situations. Hear more about what works and what challenges manufacturers of high visibility clothing.
    ANSI 107 Testing Requirements – Challenges in Meeting Requirements—Sravanth Kanukuntla, SGS North America Inc
    High Visibility clothing is intended to provide conspicuity of the wearer in any light conditions. Performance requirements associated with these safety products and challenges faced by industry in meeting these requirements will be discussed in detail during this session. This presentation will address the similarities between ANSI 107, ISO 20471, ISO 23762, and include industry best practices on verification and certification process for High Visibility Textiles.

    Detergent Use in the Lab: Beyond Just Coming Clean—Erika Simmons, AATCC
    A look at the detergent and laundering considerations when testing.
    Detergent Technologies with Focus on Optical Brighteners—Rachel Applegate, Procter & Gamble
    This presentation will include a brief overview of detergent chemistry, with emphasis on optical brighteners: types, how they work, what benefits they provide, impact of fabric type and formulation challenges.
    Effectively Measuring Fluorescent Textiles (or Not!)—Ken Butts, Datacolor
    Because of the challenges in making consistent visual evaluations of fluorescent materials, it is often more effective to measure them with a spectrophotometer. But without attention to specific calibration procedures, the measurement results can lead to the wrong decision. In this presentation we will take a detailed look at spectrophotometer UV calibration and how a population of spectrophotometers can produce reliable data for fluorescent samples.
    Live Q&A / Panel Discussion—Nelson Houser, retired, Archroma, Moderator
    Closing Remarks and Adjourn
    1:00 PM - 4:15 PM (ET)
    Welcome and Opening Remarks—Steve Simonson, SimonsonWorldWide LLC, Moderator
    High-Vis Apparel and Sustainability in Polyester Exhaust Dyeing—Werner Tissen, DyStar Colours Distribution GmbH
    The use of high-vis safety apparel for professional and non-professional use is growing steadily. Different standards and DyStar®´s Dianix® disperse dye selection for achieving the specifications for high-vis safety apparel on polyester is presented. Cadira® Polyester highlights options for more environmentally friendly exhaust dyeing of polyester and save valuable resources in the textile production.
    Optical Brightening Agents Fundamentals—Randy Mumford, Archroma
    This presentation will include an introduction to Optical Brightening Agents as dyestuffs, emphasizing how they perform in textile application. There will be a review of why and how we use them to enhance fabrics as well as a brief overview of Optical Brightening Agents for detergents.
    Weathering Test: AATCC 169 Option 4—Michael Murphy, e-Dye
    Using AATCC 169 Option 4 – Weathering Test, e.dye® can conclusive demonstrate real world superior performance of it’s solution dyed textiles to meet both ANSI107 and EN ISO 20471 for a range of High Visibility textiles. Our e.dye® textile products are the first to offer our customers a longer lasting color – resistant to simulated UV and wash cycle fading while at the same time reducing carbon footprint and water use.

    This Presentation is Not Available on the Day 2 Recording.

    Science of Visibility—Michael Hayes and Katie Aune, 3M Personal Safety Division
    The concepts of retro-reflectivity and fluorescence are examined for their roles in nighttime and daytime visibility. Variables in different settings are discussed, as are regulatory and testing requirements.
    A Brand Perspective on Managing Hi-Vis Product Claims and Controlling Production via QC/QA Best Practices—Gregg Woodcock, Hanesbrands Inc
    Brands must manage and substantiate all product claims to protect brand integrity; this includes Hi-Vis product claims. By understanding the capabilities and limitations of Hi-Vis technology and Hi-Vis testing, and also utilizing QC/QA best practices, brands can be assured they are making reasonable claims and the claims will provide promised consumer benefits.
    Live Q&A / Panel Discussion—Steve Simonson, SimonsonWorldWide LLC, Moderator
    Closing Remarks and Adjourn

  • Moderators and Presenters

    Nelson Houser, retired, Archroma US
    A graduate of North Carolina State University with a BS in Textile Chemistry, Nelson has served in various technical and management positions with dyestuff and chemical suppliers, and wet processors. Nelson retired in 2019 as technical manager from Archroma US.

    Previous associations include Vice-President of Technical Service for M. Dohmen USA, Vice-President Technical Marketing for Burlington Chemical Company, LLC, Technical Director with the Textile Products Division of Ciba-Geigy Corporation and Technical Manager with American Color and Chemical. Manufacturing experiences include management and technical positions with M. Lowenstein, Burlington Industries, and Beaunit Corporation.

    Steve Simonson, SimonsonWorldWide LLC
    Steve received a BS and MS in textile chemistry from North Carolina State University. He received the first Chairman’s Award from Burlington Industries for developing a machine/test method for evaluating waterproofness of fabrics. Steve is retired from Elevate Textiles/ITG Burlington Worldwide, where he worked for 41 years.
    Rachel Applegate, Procter & Gamble
    Rachel is a Scientist from Procter & Gamble. Over her 10-year career as a formulator, she has developed an expertise in whiteness technologies and test methods for liquid laundry detergents.
    Katie Aune, 3M Personal Safety Division
    Application Engineer
    Katie is an Application Engineer within the Personal Safety Division of 3M. She services 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Materials for applications in various markets where visibility is a crucial role in safety (transportation/oil and gas/utilities/fire). She also has considerable experience with various high visibility and fire standards for safety compliance.
    Ken Butts, Datacolor
    Global Key Account Team Manager
    With over 30 years’ experience as a solutions consultant in the textile/apparel industry, Ken has analyzed existing product development processes and implemented effective color management solutions for over 40 of the world’s most well-known retail/brand apparel companies and their global supply chains. Ken is a past chair of RA-36 and regular speaker at AATCC’s annual Color Management Workshop.
    Roland Connelly, RoLyn Group Color Consultants
    Color Supply Chain Consultant
    Roland is a color & lighting consultant with RoLyn Group. Prior to consulting, he was the Director, Global Digital Supply Chain, for X-Rite as well as the Director of Enterprise Color Management with GretagMacbeth. Until 2003, he was President and co-owner of SheLyn and before that, worked as a Color Lab manager for 18 years with Burlington. Roland has over 50 years experience in color management and control. He is a frequent lecturer and author of numerous papers studying a range of subjects, from Colorant Formulation to Instrumental UV Calibration. Roland has served as President of AATCC, Chair of RA36-Color Measurement, member of Board of Directors, and many other committees. He is the recipient of the AATCC Chapin Service award. He is also a former ISCC President, board member, Interest Group Chair, and recipient of the 2020 ISCC Macbeth Award. He is active in ASTM E-12-Color and Appearance and the CIE, and has committed many years of service as the US spokesperson for color measurement in ISO TC38, Textiles.He received his BS in Textile Science and MS in Color Science from Clemson University
    Michael Hayes, 3M Personal Safety Division
    Application Engineer
    Mike is an Application Engineer within the Personal Safety Division of 3M. He services 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Materials for applications in various markets where visibility is a crucial role in safety (transportation/oil and gas/utilities/fire). He also has considerable experience with various high visibility and fire standards for safety compliance.
    Sravanth Kanukuntla, SGS North America Inc
    Sr. Technical Manager
    Sravanth has over 15 years’ experience in the textile industry and is responsible for Technical Consulting and Business Development in the Textile, Apparel and Accessories Segments. He represents SGS Global Quality Assurance Service for established and prospective clients and supports the SGS Sales Team and Textile Laboratories.
    Randy Mumford, Archroma
    Technical Manager, Brand Performance Textiles
    A graduate of North Carolina State University College of Textiles, Randy has spent over 30 years in the chemical industry in various technical and commercial roles.
    Michael Murphy, e-Dye Ltd
    Senior Advisor
    Performance apparel and manufacturing career since the mid-70’s in the US and in Asia since 1981, including textile development, technical laminations and most recently solution dye under the e.dye® brand name.
    Erika Simmons, AATCC
    Technical Director
    Erika is an experienced textile professional with more than twenty years of Quality Control, lab management and standards development experience. Erika received her BS in Textile Engineering from NC State University and MBA from Wake Forest University.
    Denise Statham, Workwear Outfitters/ Bulwark Protection
    Director of Technical Services
    Denise has a 35-year tenure in the flame resistant and high visibility segments of the protective clothing industry. She has spent her career in technical/R&D roles with leading fabric and garment manufacturers and is a named inventor on multiple U.S. patents. Denise has leadership roles and voting rights on many standards-writing committees within NFPA, ASTM and ISEA. Her current responsibilities include evaluating new fabrics and related technologies, achieving & maintaining product certifications, and providing technical support to colleagues and customers.
    Werner Tissen, DyStar Colours Distribution GmbH
    Global Business Development Manager
    After Werner finished his study as a graduate engineer in textile dyeing and finishing in 1985, he worked for 5 years as a dyehouse manager for R+T Textil-Ausrüstung GmbH & Co Jersey KG in Berlin, the capital of Germany. Afterwards he joined Hoechst AG and worked for 5 years in different departments. Since 1995 Werner has been working for DyStar as Global Business Development Manager particularly for dyeing polyester and polyester blends.
    Gregg Woodcock, Hanesbrands Inc
    Senior Manager Quality
    Gregg is a graduate of Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science as well as the Institute of Textile Technology. He started at Burlington Industries in the Knitted fabric division and, since 1996, has been with Sara Lee Knit Products/National Textiles/HanesBrands. His current role is Senior Manager Quality responsible for Laboratory Testing, Quality Analytics, and Consumer Star Rating Analytics. He is also the Chair of RA88/Home Laundering Technology for AATCC.

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