Multifunctional Sensory E-Textiles

July 21, 2021

11:00AM (ET)

This is the first Digital Lab in the E-Textiles Exploratory Series. There are five Digital Labs in the entire series. Details are posted below.

2021-07-21 11:00 AM Multifunctional Sensory E-Textiles Join AATCC and a talented group of subject matter experts for the E-Textiles Exploratory Series taki[...]

Event Overview

Join AATCC and a talented group of subject matter experts for the E-Textiles Exploratory Series taking place July 21 – September 15, 2021 This 5-part virtual series will feature industry experts presenting a variety of topics including safety, data privacy, standards, methodology, cyber security, commercialization, as well as E-Textiles fundamentals. The second presentation in the series hosted by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission will be a free session on safety, and the other four presentations will be available for purchase as a series or individually.

Multifunctional Sensory E-Textiles
July 21, 2021, 11:00AM (ET)
Presented by Ashish Kapoor, Process Engineer, Intel Corp.

With the increase in demand for wearable devices, fiber-based sensors have attracted much attention because of their potential for creating electronic textiles for applications such as health monitoring, interactive interfaces, and other areas. Though the utility of fiber-based sensors has been recognized as a key step for truly mass-produced electronic textiles, most of the current fiber-based sensors are limited to a single sensing functionality only and only a few have production and dimensional compatibility with textiles. A multimodal and multifunctional fiber-based sensor can offer unobtrusive integration of sensing capabilities into textiles. This presentation gives an overview of e-textiles and covers extrusion of uniquely shaped conductive fibers which are woven to create multifunctional sensors. The multifunctional capabilities were explored by measuring tactile force, tensile force, and shear deformations, as well as wetness and biopotential (heart rate). This fiber-based sensing approach can be used for scalable manufacturability of advanced e‐textile products.

About the Speaker
Ashish Kapoor received his PhD in Fiber and Polymer Science from the Wilson College of Textiles, North Carolina State University. He worked in the field of e-textiles and his research focused on developing fiber based multimodal and multifunctional active sensory textiles. He is a recipient of the NC State University’s Provost Doctoral Recruitment Fellowship, German Academic Exchange Service RISE Professional Scholarship and NC State University’s Graduate School Summer Fellowship. Since the completion of his PhD he has been working as a Process Engineer in Intel Corporation in Oregon.


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The second in this series (complimentary registration):
Smart Textiles: Enhancing the Safety of Emerging Technology Through Risk Assessment
July 28, 2021, 11:00 AM (ET)
Presented by Jacqueline Campbell, Senior Textile Technologist, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)

In recent years, an unprecedented number of new and traditional consumer products have begun to include innovative features, such as wireless connectivity, activity tracking, and fitness monitoring.  When navigating the integration of new technologies and functionalities into consumer products, manufacturers have a dizzying array of decisions before them.  With little experience of the short- and long-term implications of incorporating these new technologies, manufacturers are presented with both opportunities and risks.  In this presentation, we will discuss how to approach these technologies in consumer products, with safety in mind.

The third in this series:
E-Textiles Standards Overview
August 11, 2021, 11:00AM (ET)
Presented by Chris Jorgensen, IPC International Inc. and Maddy Maxey, Loomia
Moderator: Diana Wyman, AATCC Executive Vice President

This following points will be discuss during the presentation:

    • General industry update
    • Existing standards
    • Benefits of standards
    • Challenges of standards / how is the industry addressing it?
    • Proprietary info
    • How to get people from learning to sharing intel
    • Committee member / why this work is happening
    • Reliability standards
    • What resources exist in this space? AATCC, ASTM, ISO, IEC, IPC, IEEE, INDA, etc…

The fourth in this series:
Data Privacy and Cybersecurity for Smart Wearables
August 18, 2021, 11:00AM (ET)
Presented by Travis Norton, Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services and Christopher Crowley, Montance LLC

From the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation to California’s Information Privacy Civil Code to Canada’s Consumer Privacy Protection Act, there are a growing number of market requirements that define the need to ensure Data Privacy for consumers. Many of these regulations set minimum standards for Smart Wearables that collect, store and/or transmit user data. We will provide a brief overview of current / pending Data Privacy regulations and the implication these have on Smart Wearable devices. One of the key elements to ensuring data privacy compliance is having reliable security on devices, in applications and the cloud. We will explore the levels of security that can be applied to reduce the risk of cyber attack and look at some of the current approaches for penetration testing and vulnerability assessments for devices and applications as it relates to Smart Wearables.

The fifth in this series:
Commercialization of E-Textile Product in a Regulated Market
September 15, 2021, 11:00 AM (ET)
Presented by Pratyush Rai, Nanowear Inc.

This presentation will address the following:

  • Steps in e-textile product commercialization process
  • General best practices for commercialization of e-textile product
  • E-textile supply chain- amalgam of textile and electronics supply chain
  • Pre-market regulatory milestones
  • Marketing strategies
  • Avoiding pitfalls, bottlenecks and hindrance in commercial roll of e-textile product

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