Color & Lighting: Best Practices Today Webinar

August 30, 2012

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Recorded August 30, 2012
Presented by Ann C. Laidlaw, X-Rite Inc.

Light sources are changing. Regulations around the world are driving improved energy efficiency, technological developments result in more choices, and businesses respond to on-going pressure to reduce operating costs. In the past, the choice of commercial lighting technologies was mostly limited to incandescent bulbs, CWF-style fluorescent tubes, tri-phosphor fluorescent tubes, and various forms of natural or simulated daylight. Today, residential and commercial customers have far more choices, with additional technologies becoming commercially viable in the near future. This presentation will review various current and emerging lighting technologies, our methods for assessing them, and the practical implications of using the technologies to view colored objects.

Ann C. Laidlaw, X-Rite Inc.
Ann Laidlaw is Global Supply Chain Program Manager at X-Rite Inc. She is an active member of AATCC, ISCC, CORM, SPE, and DCC and has served on ISCC, AATCC, and CORM Boards, and is currently serving on the ISCC BoD. She is a former chair of the AATCC Color Measurement Test Methods committee and former chair of the C2C Interest Group. Ann is a graduate of the University of California Davis and Clemson University and is a frequent lecturer at industrial short courses. She is interested in color communication, color difference metrics, sample measurement issues, and how to squeeze maximum benefit out of these solutions for retailers and their supply chains.

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