AATCC FSU Student Chapter Fall 2016 Meeting


AATCC FSU Student Chapter Update

By Eliza Mosman

President, AATCC of FSU

Here is an update for the FSU Student Chapter.

Meetings held– 3, they are bi-weekly


  • Sephora Social- A private beauty class for our members that taught us how to create a professional look for interviews/work.
  • Atlanta Apparel Mart- 19 student members traveled to Atlanta to attend the Apparel Mart. We toured the building, interacted with vendors and got to watch fashion shows. It was a great opportunity for members to get an inside look at the world of buying and wholesale.
  • Career Fair/Scholarship Dinner Prep.-We had a presentation on how to conquer the Career Fair and Scholarship Dinner. Members got to practice interacting in a professional manner and got to ask our speaker about any questions they had.

Future Activities:

  • Upcoming Activities- Trunk or Treat- AATCC of FSU will visiting a local church/homeless shelter to participate in trunk or treat. This is where children trick or treat out of car trunks rather than houses.
  • Upcoming Activities- Private Shopping Party- We will be having a private shopping party at a local boutique. This is a fun way for members to learn about local businesses and interact with one another.
  • Upcoming Activities- Fall Fashion Show. This show is a great way for members to gain experience in either styling, clothing management, model management and public relations. It is also a super fun event that people look forward to working in and attending.


  • AATCC could help our student chapter by providing funding, which is coming. AATCC could also maybe organize/arrange for guest speakers from the industry to come speak at student chapters. They could be from local businesses/companies.