StaffNovember 9, 2020 AATCC Newsletter

2021 AATCC Proficiency Testing Programs

By Carrie Gray and Garry Atkinson

The 2021 Proficiency Testing Programs are right around the corner. The AATCC proficiency testing programs (PTPs) are available to help labs around the world in their pursuit for continuous improvement and support lab certification. No need to wait, registration is already open!

What does my lab get with an AATCC PTP?

  • Carefully curated samples provided for each round
  • Data sheet for convenient and quick data reporting
  • Expert support from our technical department
  • Report of all participating labs data with confidential lab codes
  • Certification of Participation at the end of the calendar year.


How do I register? You can register on our website at

Registration AND payment must be received at least one month before program ship date. If payment is received after the deadline, registration will be shifted to the next available round.


What happens after I register? Samples will be shipped during the month noted on the program which includes an instruction page. The data sheet is distributed when samples are shipped. Labs will complete the designated tests on the samples provided and report their results on the data sheet. Data sheets are sent to before the due date indicated on the instructions. After the due date, the AATCC Technical Department will compile and analyze the reported data to provide labs with a report of all participating labs results. At the end of the calendar year, a Certificates of Participation will be distributed to all participating labs.


AATCC offers 7 PTPs to cover a wide range of labs needs.

  • Visual Color Evaluation: January and July
  • Fiber Analysis: February and August
  • Appearance and Physical Properties: March and September
  • Antibacterial: April only
  • Resistance and Repellency: May and November
  • Colorfastness: June and December
  • Moisture Management: October only

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