StaffMarch 17, 2020 AATCC Newsletter

The Wonders of Replicas

By Erika Simmons

Two dimensional standards are awesome.  They provide an excellent means for making comparison between two states of a test specimen.  Unfortunately, there can sometimes be factors that limit the total functionality of 2-D standards. For instance, the flat nature of 2-D standards make it difficult to assess the depth of sample. The overall impact of shadowing and drape becomes more subjective.  The increase in subjectivity adds to the variability of the assessment and raises the uncertainty level.

Three Dimensional replicas help minimize the effect of the 2-D standards by providing a standardized visual tool that more closely approximates what a user will encounter. AATCC  offers three replicas that help aid in assessments.  They are:

  • AATCC Smoothness Appearance for Test Method TM124
  • AATCC Crease Retention Replicas for Test Method TM88C
  • AATCC Wrinkle Recovery Replicas for use with TM128

Three Dimensional replicas are large, which adds to their superior ability to help a user determine which grade best reflects the specimen under evaluation. They  are constructed to be handled and stored under normal laboratory conditions. Like all physical standards, repeated use and wear over time eventually makes them less usable.  Proper care for replicas requires that they be stored in their original packaging when not in use. The packaging should be kept away from moisture, extremes in heat or cold, and soil.  Although non-latex type gloves are not required, they can help reduce soils and smudges on the scales.  This is especially needed in areas where dust, lint, or fly are prevalent.  It is recommended that replicas be replaced annually. This frequency ensures use of standards that are in optimal condition,which allows for better consistency of evaluations over the long run.

If you need a 3-D replica, please check out the AATCC Products Page on For questions, please contact the AATCC Technical Department.


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