Diana WymanFebruary 12, 2020 Press Release

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AATCC Launches 2020 Proficiency Testing Programs

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C., USA, February 17, 2020 Labs may now register online for the new and improved 2020 AATCC Proficiency Testing Programs (PTP).

Improvements include a new Moisture Management Proficiency Program, and upgrades to current programs. The 2020 PTPs offer exciting opportunities to ensure your lab’s textile testing capabilities.

New Features for 2020

Introducing the Moisture Management Proficiency Test (Limited Round)

Featuring fabrics for labs to perform moisture management test methods covering wicking, drying rate, and comfort:

AATCC TM197, Vertical Wicking of Textiles

AATCC TM198, Horizontal Wicking of Textiles

AATCC TM199, Drying Time of Textiles: Moisture Analyzer Method

AATCC TM200, Drying Rate of Textiles at their Absorbent Capacity: Air Flow Method

AATCC TM201, Drying Rate of Fabrics: Heated Plate Method

AATCC TM204, Water Vapor Transmission of Textiles

New and Improved Color Evaluation PTP

New and Improved Repellency and Resistance PTP

New and Improved Antibacterial Testing PTP (Half Year Only)

Introducing New and Improved Appearance PTP

The Colorfastness PTP is also new and improved with alternating test methods added for each round. The Fiber PTP includes fabrics which are shipped blind for identification and analysis.

For a list of full details, including registration deadlines, pricing, and test methods for each round, visit: https://www.aatcc.org/test/proficiency/

How Do I Register?

You can register online today for the 2020 AATCC Proficiency Testing Program at

https://www.aatcc.org/test/proficiency/#register. For support, contact ptp@aatcc.org

About the AATCC Proficiency Program

If your lab performs AATCC Test Methods and Evaluation Procedures, you can benefit from proficiency testing. The AATCC Technical Department works with experts from the AATCC Research Committees to develop and source fabrics which incorporate fiber blends, finishes, and technologies that provide challenges for textile testing labs. Results are submitted by each lab, and a statistical report is distributed. Whether you’re operating an in-house lab or a commercial textile testing lab, interlaboratory testing helps to improve the accuracy of your results.

The AATCC Proficiency Program now covers seven areas, including Antibacterial, Appearance, Color Evaluation, Colorfastness, Fiber Analysis, Resistance & Repellency, and Moisture Management.

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