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NED International Textile Conference (NEDITC) 2018

By: M. Dawood Husain

In today’s world of technological advancement, innovation, and scientific sharpness, every field and business or industry wants to benefit from the innovative technologies being introduced. Like any other field, the textile sector has also been evolving and incorporating technological advances in its structure. The growing research in textiles cannot go unnoticed, but a better sharing of such progress with the industrial sector is very much needed. This is where the NED International Textile Conference plays a substantial role by bringing together researchers and industry representatives and helping in incorporating latest innovations in today’s industrial structure,

ITC was initiated in the year 2014, organized by NEDUET Textile Department, Karachi, Pakistan. From the get-go, it served as a great platform for researchers and innovators from all around the globe to present their work and findings in the field of Textile. Pakistan being a developing country with Textile industry as one of its chief industries can take advantage of ITC greatly. International Textile Conference has received overwhelming support from the academic and industrial sector and it keeps growing as it has been held for the 3rd time successfully this year.

3rd NEDITC was organized with the help and support of such respected and renowned collaborative partners that acted as the back bone of this event. Some of them were AATCC, Higher Education Commission, Donghua University, Minjiang University, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Tianjin Polytechnic University and SDC. The event was truly made possible by the support of these respected universities and organizations.

The event started off with the address of the chair of the Textile Engineering Department and Conference Secretary, Dr. Sheraz Hussain, who welcomed all the participants and guests, acknowledged the chief guest, and officially started the two-day event.

After the inauguration, Vice Chancellor NED, Dr. Sarosh Hashmat Lodhi, welcomed all the foreign delegations and wished all the best to the organizers and the speakers for the event and stated how this conference is a key event for the NED University. Pro Vice Chancellor NED UET and conference chair, Dr. Tufail, enlightened the audience about the conference and similar conferences in the past and acknowledged the fact that 3rd NEDITC was a major improvement as compared to the first two editions as it had more participation from more countries than ever including China, United Kingdom, Malaysia, United States of America, and Italy.

Dr. Xiaogang Chen (University of Manchester, UK) delivered his keynote speech on “The Perspective of Development of Technical Textile Industry in Pakistan,” along with few words of encouragement for the initiative of 3rd NEDITC.

In the first technical session, Prof. Yiping Qui (Dong Hua University, China) talked about use of carbon woven fabrics in air filtration technology. Dr. Muhammad Ali (NEDUET, Pakistan) discussed the effectiveness of low cost coagulation techniques for the treatment of textile printing effluent.

The highlight of the second session was a talk delivered by Dr. Reduwan Billah on electrospun composite nanofibers. Dr. Liu Ya (Tianjin Polytechnic University, China) and Mr. Farrukh Iqbal (Engro Polymers and Chemicals, Pakistan) were the other speakers of the sessions.

On the second day of the conference, Mr. Konstant Agrofiotis started the proceedings with a discussion of Sociocultural Affinity and Sustainable Practices in Garment Production Networks in South-Eastern Europe. Dr. Xiangang Chen discussed the applications of 3D textiles. Speakers such as Dr. Rehan Abbasi, Dr. Faiz ul Yahya, Dr. Zhi Li Zhong, and Dr. Hui Zhen Ke were some of the other respectable presenters of the day.

In the final session, Dr. Tahir Hussain (NTU, Faisalabad) talked about eco-friendly natural dyeing while Dr. Lixin Song (Zheijang Sci-Tech University, China) shed some light on carbon nanofiber-based counter electrodes. Finally, Dr. Dong Weiguo focused on a spinning method for staple fiber core spun yarn.

The 3rd NEDITC was officially closed with tokens given out to the delegations, guests, and sponsors. The organizers and all the participants were thanked and appreciated for their presence throughout the conference. The volunteers and organizers were also acknowledged for their hard work and dedication and all the efforts they had put into the event—the “Team AATCC NED” student chapter was also mentioned for their efforts. The event concluded with the expression of hope of advancement in the textile sector of Pakistan.

Opinions expressed in this blog post are those of the author and not necessarily those of AATCC

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