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AATCC UNL Student Chapter Fall 2016 Update

By: Yiqi Yang

AATCC Student Chapter University of Nebraska Lincoln Fall Update

The Student Chapter of the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln under the guidance of Dr. Yiqi Yang is one of the three AATCC student chapters in Midwestern regions of the United States. As an active student organization among all 23 student chapters around the world, diverse activities and opportunities have been offered to student members. In order to provide students with opportunities to learn more about the world’s latest scientific findings and industrial techniques related to textiles, and to participate in research projects and competitions, following activities have been held during the current academic year and will be continued in the future.

  • Research meetings and discussions

AATCC student chapter meetings are held every week within our student chapter. Presentations on diverse areas of research are given by student members in order to improve their research capability and broaden their horizons in textile areas. Students are trained how to select research topics, analyze research problems and explain their scientific findings. Through weekly meetings and research projects, students learn more about the field of textile science and engineering, communicate with other members and become more involved in the community. In the picture below, a student member was giving a presentation during a chapter meeting.

Weekly meeting with presentation given by student member

unl1016-001 studentunl1016-002 student

  • Current activities
  • Participation in research projects and competitions

Diverse research topics related to textile materials can be chosen by our student members according to their interests. With the help and support from our faculty advisors, students have more opportunities to establish their research areas and expand their horizons. Based on the research, students are encouraged to apply for the AATCC Foundation Student Research Support and participate in the AATCC Student Poster Competitions each year. Supports from the AATCC allow students to apply scientific concepts learned in classes to real-life activities. In the picture below, a student member was working on extraction of sorghum protein in order to develop textile fibers.

A student member working on her research project

unl1016-003 student

  • External testing service open to textile and other industries

As an official student chapter of AATCC, product testing based on AATCC or ASTM standards has been performed by our student members upon requests from textile and other companies around the US. These tests include colorfastness to laundering, flammability of apparel textiles, seam efficiencies, zipper strengths, as well as mechanical properties, chemical structures and thermal behaviors of unknown fibers. Through these activities, students are educated on current developments of the textile industry. Interactions between students and industries are gradually established. In the picture below, a student member was performing tensile tests of fibers as requested by a US company.

A student member performing testing the tensile strength of fibers as requested by a US company

unl1016-004 student

  • Recruitment and farewell activities

In order to create more opportunities for our student members to set up close relationships, welcome and farewell activities are held when a new member joins our AATCC student chapter, and when a member is leaving, respectively. Meals with food and drinks are given to all members either at a buffet place or by pot-luck. A welcome treat to new members from Iran and Bangladesh was hold at Asian Buffet in Lincoln, Nebraska in August, 2016, as shown in the picture below.

Welcome treat to new members of our student chapter

unl1016-005 student

  • Future activities

In the future, the following activities are going to be held: weekly meetings, research projects, participation in research competitions, attendance to scientific conferences, external testing service to industry and promotion activities, such as the UNL E-Week open house and updates for the AATCC student chapter page. Our student chapter is dedicated to enriching the lives of members in textile areas. By providing an active and enterprising atmosphere for learning, the opportunity to make lasting friendships and connections for he future will be offered to its members.

  • Updates for student chapter page

Contents and pictures regarding current members, contacts, activities and progresses of our student chapter will be submitted to Maria Thiry before Oct. 15th to update our student chapter page on the AATCC official website. Future activities will be continually updated. With the help of this open platform, we will have more opportunities to make ourselves know to future student members, textile academia and industry, and publics.

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