redsharkdigitalApril 15, 2016 AATCC Blog

FSU 2016 Spring Semester Update

By Savannah Burger
President, AATCC of FSU

This semester my officers created a website for AATCC of FSU: Using our website, we update members on events, photos, and our fashion show.

The first event we had in the semester was in late January called “Sweaters & S’mores” where we had members meet and socialize around a campfire and eat s’mores together.

I started planning for the fashion show, organizing positions, and dividing responsibilities at the beginning of February so that the members would have ample time to work on things until the show in April.  At the end of February, AATCC of FSU took a trip to Thomasville, GA where we shopped their sidewalk sales. We talked about the importance of social responsibility in shopping local and experienced it first-hand.

At our general body meeting on February 23, we had a special event to recognize National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. I invited a mental-health resource group, The Outlet of Tallahassee, to join us at our meeting and discuss the dangers of eating disorders and the statistics to show how prevalent it is, especially in the fashion industry. We talked about the importance of body positivity and did an exercise with all the members (there was about 40 people at this meeting) where we discussed our favorite garments, how they make us feel, and how we can turn any negative feelings about ourselves into positive affirmations. It was really sincere while still being fun and many members told me that it was their favorite meeting.

At the end of February, we also had a photo shoot for the fashion show. It was a really fun way to help members get to style for photo shoots.

At the beginning of March, I worked with a local vintage boutique owner to organize a workshop in her store to teach members how and where to source vintage products. We spent about two hours at Wonsaponatime Vintage, where the owner, Kathryn, also taught us how to merchandise your products uniquely and effectively, and advice for starting your own business. It was really cool and fun to see someone close to our age have a successful business and to learn from her. We were also able to shop after the workshop.

In March, we worked with Nordstrom in a challenge between five others schools to win a campus party that offered vouchers for shoes at Nordstrom. Our job as a club was to use our social media to promote the challenge for one week and to get people to vote for FSU by using Snapchat. Although we didn’t win, it was a really cool experience and our members learned a lot about advertising and used creativity.

At the end of March, 10 members and I participated in FSU’s Big Event. It is the biggest college community service event annually. Our members worked for 4 hours raking leaves and doing yard work for sites in Tallahassee. I was really proud of these fashion girls for putting in so much hard work and truly making a difference in making our community an even more beautiful place.

Tomorrow evening is our fashion show! It will be held at the beautiful Double Tree Hotel in downtown Tallahassee. The theme of our show is spring apparel that we have commonly seen on the runway. It features 11 sections of looks with about 8-10 looks in each section. We have 50 members that are various aspects of the team: stylists, directors, model casting team, venue designers, and a public relations team. We also have 32 models who are various students around school in diverse majors. It’s been really awesome to see so many different students working together for one goal and to watch it all come together tomorrow.

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