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AATCC NED 2016 Chapter Activities

By: Dawood Hussain


  • INTRODUCTION: AATCC NED chapter provides its members a chance to expose themselves to the professionals all over the world, to interact with the people related to the field of textile and provides them a platform to rise and shine. it helps in not only the curriculum stuff but also arrange in extracurricular activities such as industrial visits, picnics, games etc.
  • American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (NED Chapter) was established in 2013. The first ever AATCC chapter in Pakistan has successfully completed its three-year period and has entered in the fourth year of its establishment.

After the successful Career Seminar in 2013,2014,2015 and International Textile Conference in 2014; this year, AATCC NED Chapter helped the Textile Engineering Department in organizing 2nd international textile conference at NED main auditorium.

  • ITC NED UET 2016 It also provided a valuable venue for the exchange of innovative ideas. Professionals from Pakistan and the international community participated in the event and 13 research papers related to textile were shared. Students were inspired by fascinating ideas and were encouraged to contribute to textile research through innovative ideas, designs and solutions.
  • Taking the first step towards a “go global strategy” and feeling the escalating need to establish closer ties between the academia, industrialists and textile professionals, the 2nd (NED-ITC) on the 17th and 18th of February 2016 was organized by textile engineering department in collaboration with AATCC NED chapter. The Central theme of NED-ITC was the discussion of on-going research, recent innovations, advancements and new challenges throughout the global textile arena. The presenters belonged to major textile institutes across the globe namely, University of Bolton (UK), Herriot Watt University (UK), Durham University (UK), Harvard University (USA), Donghua University (China), NESCOM, NEDUET (Karachi) and BUITEMS (Quetta) from Pakistan.It also provided a valuable venue for the exchange of innovative ideas. Professionals from Pakistan and the international community participated in the event and 13 research papers related to textile were shared. Students were inspired by fascinating ideas and were encouraged to contribute to textile research through innovative ideas, designs and solutions.


Another successful event under the banner of AATCC NED Chapter’16 was the first ever orientation under the leadership, guidance and management of Dr. Fareha Asim and Dr. Dawood Husain (Faculty Advisors NED Chapter).

The program was held at Civil AV Hall NED-UET at 2:00 pm on 1st March 2016. The objectives of the program were

  • To help students understand AATCC-NED Chapter
  • To introduce the Officers and the Team to the students
  • To bridge the gap between the society and the students
  • To provide guidance regarding the registration procedures

Mr. Asad Abbas Gil was invited as the guest speaker for the Orientation. Mr. Asad Abbas, a seasoned professional is a textile graduate from NED-UET (batch 2000-2001). He conducted a session comprised of very useful guidance about university life, studies, and skills. He also described how the skills help you to achieve an outstanding career.

Guidance regarding the AATCC-NED Chapter was provided by an effective presentation. The introduction of the Society and the Team was done by virtue of videos.

The Orientation Program help the students in understanding the work and activities of AATCC NED chapter, bridge the gap between the society and the students and its future work.

The attendance was much higher than expectations, followed by presence of many faculty members and the feedback was highly encouraging.

The feedback received from the attendees marked the session to be very helpful and interactive.



On 9th April, 2016 an industrial visit was organized by AATCC NED chapter, to MUSTAQIM dyeing & printing industries under the leadership, guidance and management of Dr. Dawood Husain (Faculty Advisor NED Chapter). The main purpose of this visit was to provide an exposure to the practical industrial world to the students of Textile engineering department. Almost 35 above students had got opportunity to visit there.

The team gave us a warm welcome, and divide the students into groups leaded by their team members, so that small group can easily understand the process.

The visit was really fruitful; the students learn the wet processing, dyeing and printing techniques. They explore the machines and get the practical experience of the process they had previously learn in theory. The practical work gains their attraction and they discuss their queries in order to get clarification. The staff response was great! The first year students got more benefits, as it was their first visit to any textile industry. After the visit the executives and the team shared their experience in few words and refreshment was served.

In the last a photography session took place in order to capture the memorable event. The experienced shared by the students was excellent, they had an informative visit and they wanted AATCC NED chapter to organize more study base industrial visits in the near future.


While returning to the university the students also visit texpo organized by trade development authority of Pakistan at Expo Centre Karachi. Its main features include:

  • To introduce latest technical know-how in power generation & distribution
  • Meet industry leaders and professionals.
  • Increase brand awareness and enhance their company´s image in the industry.
  • Explore investment business and opportunities.
  • Display the products & services to thousands of potential buyers in the entire regional market.
  • This visit really helps students to not only get familiarized with the local and export trading companies of Pakistan but also the diversity in terms of trade, machinery and testing and quality control in textile sector.

ned1016-6 ned1016-4


A guest lecture was also organized under the platform of AATCC NED chapter on 5th April , 2016 in B.E Textile engineering department on the topic of Organic Textile Standards, its Implementation in the Industry and Opportunities for Higher Education in China. It was delivered by Saood Qaseem Ph.D Scholar at Tianjin Polytechnic University, China and Country coordinator Pakistan, IMO Swiss AG, Switzerland.

He educated the students on the environmental concerns being raised throughout the world due to the pollution caused by industrialized practices during the cultivation and processing of conventional cotton. He further added some points on the importance to cultivate organic cotton in order to cope up with the increasing environmental pollution issues across the globe. He also guided the students interested to study abroad for higher education that china is also a better option due to scholarships offered by various Chinese universities and quality of education.

ned1016-7 ned1016-8


At last before ending of spring semester 2016, AATCC NED chapter along with Student Affairs Department visited two Kachi Abadi’s named Quaid-e-Azam colony dated 15-04-2016 and Marora Goth dated 28-04-2016 for HEC enrolment drive.

During the visit the children with the age of 3 to 10 years were motivated especially with their parents to send their children to nearest government school where they can get free uniform and books as recommended by HEC. The staff from the nearby govt. schools were also become the part of activity and the visit.

The team was successful in convincing more than 60 students which was indeed a great achievement and also reflect team AATCC NED chapter hard work.


First visit dated on 15-04-2016, Quaid-e-Azam colony.


Second visit dated on 28-04-2016, Marora Goth.



On 3rd of August, 2016 an industrial visit was organized by AATCC NED chapter, to Soorty Textile Mills, under the leadership, guidance and management of Dr. Dawood Husain (Faculty Advisor NED Chapter) and our faculty members Dr. Ali Hassan Mehmood and Dr Bilal Zahid. This event was the first event of the fall semester 2016. The main purpose of this visit was to give exposure to the students regarding Garment Manufacturing and Denim Washing.

The company give a warm welcome to the students and show them the different process of the unit in detail which proved to be very helpful for all students to get an idea of the garment manufacturing and denim sector. There staff entertain the relevant questions of student and help them in understanding the culture of company as well as the technicalities involved. The faculty members also assist the students in clearing their concepts and familiarizing with the common practice occurring in the practical world.

More than 50 students were got an opportunity to visit there. The more interesting part of the event was that no charges were taken from the students and the visit was only for AATCC NED CHAPTER members.

ned1016-10 ned1016-11


The most interesting and captivating event of the year under the theme of “Print your Patriotism” was organized by the team AATCC NED CHAPTER from 5th of August till 8th of August in textile engineering department NED UET Karachi.

Printing shirts for the day of independence of students favorite designs and themes was the first ever activity done by the AATCC NED CHAPTER. The idea was proposed by the officers and proved to be a great success. The idea was to show love for Pakistan, the result of Quaid-e- Azam struggle, the dream of Iqbal, and the sacrifice of hundreds of people. the event was inaugurated by our honorable faculty member Dr. Salma Farooq. She inaugurated by printing a shirt for her. Students print the shirt with different designs made on screen which was prepared by the team AATCC NED Chapter. Hundreds of students enjoy the new level of fun and entertainment of hand screen Printing to show their love for Pakistan.

ned1016-12 ned1016-13
ned1016-14 ned1016-15

The last event of the fall semester as well as year ”Career Seminar 2016” was organized on 22nd of September 2016 at main Auditorium of NED UET Karachi. This was the second biggest event of the year after 2nd ITC 2016. The theme of the seminar was “Choose to Rise Above Yourself”.


The objectives of the seminar were to facilitate student’s potentials to equip them with functional knowledge, values and attitudes, desirable habits and skills needed by them to cope up with the changes in their environment. It was also intended to help students in coming up with personal career goals to enlighten students on various career opportunities and to assist students in discovering their strengths.


The speakers were from renowned textile brands, Enterprises and Industries of Pakistan namely Soorty Textile, Essa Textiles, Rajby Textile, Siddiqsons Group and IKEA. The speakers interact with the audience on the variety of interesting topics such as “Career Opportunities in Marketing”, “Dreams Vs. Reality”, “(Ir)rational Human Decision Making” and “Dare to be Different” which helps students a lot in understanding not only about the professional requirements but the attitude, energy and innovative mind they should possess to thrive in their professional career.


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