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Cal Poly Pomona Student Chapter Fall 2016 Update

By: Alex Yang

Cal Poly Pomona Student Chapter Update

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How many meetings you have held?

We have held three e-board meeting and one club general meeting since summer.

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What activities have you organized?

We have organized my e-board member cut and sew the Cal poly tote bag.

We have planned and organized the pumpkin festival event, and it helped us promote our club and AATCC. Moreover, we did some fund raising.

We have done to register student club in ASI of Cal Poly Pomona, and we join the AG council which are mandatory for Cal Poly student club.

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What activities will you be organizing in the future?

This quarter, we planned to do a field trip to fabric mills or apparel company. We will have a guest lecture in either end of October or early November. We contacted the career center in Cal poly Pomona, and they will help us do resume workshop for our members.

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Anything AATCC can help you with the student chapter?

I totally need helps from AATCC, please. I was art director last year, and each flyer that I designed has our student chapter goal:” Connecting students to the textile, apparel and materials industry.” Moreover, there was one student from our department asked us on our first general meeting last week: “what is the real benefit to become a member of AATCC?” I understand that AATCC offers many benefits and opportunities like scholarships. However, I really want to let our student member can feel our student chapter is professional, and AATCC is a professional organization.

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I notice that there are many great apparel companies that including “The North Face”, “Patagonia” and so on; for that reason, I’m wondering if we can contact them so that they can come to our club and our university to do a presentation? The presentation can be anything like the personal story of the speaker, tips for the students, or even what kind of employees they are looking for. Consequently, we can connect our students to the real apparel industry, and those apparel companies can promote their brand, get internships or even hire some students who are very talented.


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