AATCC Test Method 16.3-2014


Colorfastness to Light: Xenon-Arc

Developed in 2012 by AATCC Committee RA50; Revised 2014

1. Purpose and Scope
1.1 This test method provides the general principles and procedures for determining the colorfastness to light of textile materials. The test options described are applicable to textile materials of all kinds and for colorants, finishes and treatments applied to textile materials. Test options included are:

1—Xenon-Arc Lamp, Alternate Light and Dark
2—Xenon-Arc Lamp, Continuous Light, Black Standard Option
3—Xenon-Arc Lamp, Continuous Light, Black Panel Option

1.2 The use of these test options does not imply, expressly or otherwise, an accelerated test for a specific application. The relationship between any lightfastness test and the actual exposure in use must be determined and agreed upon by the contractual parties.

1.3 This test method contains the following sections that assist in the use and implementation of the various options for determining lightfastness of textile materials.

Safety Precautions
Uses and Limitation
Apparatus and Materials
Comparison Standards
Test Specimen Preparation
Machine Operating Condition
Calibration and Verification
AATCC Fading Unit Measurement
Machine Exposure
Evaluation of Results
Precision and Bias
Appendix A
Appendix B (Flow Chart)


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