Student Home

The Association annually recognizes outstanding undergraduate study in textiles and/or textile chemistry by presenting Student Awards to graduating seniors at schools which have AATCC Student Chapters. Recipients are selected by their school faculties on the basis of their having excelled in the study of textiles and/or textile chemistry throughout their college careers.

The recognition carries with it a year's membership in the Association, the presentation of two outstanding books on textile chemistry, and publicity in AATCC Review and on the AATCC website. A new award, called the AATCC Outstanding College Graduate of the Year, is given annually. It began in 2002.

The recipient is selected from amongst the winners of annual awards at the universities where the association has student chapters (described above).

Criteria for selection include academic achievement, service to the school, service to the student chapter of AATCC, and character. C15 Textile Education, who selects the graduate of the year, also takes the students’ resumes into consideration when making the selection.

The winner of the AATCC Outstanding College Graduate of the Year award receives a cash award of $1,000 and a certificate.