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Conducted under the auspices of AATCC's Textile Education Committee (see below), the Student Paper Competition was established in 1982 to provide Student Chapters an opportunity to develop, conduct and report original research projects. The contest is modeled after the Intersectional Paper Competition which was a feature of AATCC conferences from 1940-2002. Papers are judged on the basis of originality, scientific value, practical value and presentation, with cash awards made to the four (4) best papers entered each year.

Two changes were made to the competition in 1994. The cash awards were funded by an endowment by Herman and Myrtle Goldstein. The entries were split into undergraduate and graduate categories and first and second cash awards given to the top two papers in each category. The competition was renamed the Herman and Myrtle Goldstein Student Paper Competition in 1995.

Call for Papers and Guidelines        Entry Form

Previous First Place Winners
1982: Jaw-Hau Chiao-Cheng, Kansas State University
1983: Lynne Macy, University of Wisconsin-Madison
1984: Debbie J. Jose, University of Maryland
1985: Prasad S. Potnis, University of Tennessee
1986: Julie B. Brumbelow, Auburn University
1987: Richard Fortin, University of Sherbrooke
1988: Susan J. Mangan, University of Tennessee
1989: Diana G. Johnson, Kansas State University
1990: Pantea Sarabi, University of Sherbrooke
1991: Siamak Jamshibi-Barzi, University of Sherbrooke
1992: Ajoy K. Sarkar, University of Georgia
1993: Anurag Bairathi, University of Georgia
1994: Renita S. Jinkins, graduate student, University of Georgia
1994: Douglas M. Barr, undergraduate student, Scottish College of Textiles
1995: Entry withdrawn prior to presentation
1996: Melissa Phillips Day, graduate student, Louisiana State University
1996: Elias R. Dau, undergraduate student, University of Georgia
1997: Vikram Sayal, graduate student, University of Georgia
1997: K. M. Cheng, undergraduate student, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
1998: Beth White, graduate student, Georgia Institute of Technology
1998: Amy C. Lumley, undergraduate student, Kansas State University
1999: Louise L. Ko, graduate student, University of California
2000: Sara L. Draper, graduate student, North Carolina State University
2000: Jacqueline M. Hill, undergraduate student, Heriot-Watt University
2001: Kelly D. Veatch, undergraduate student, Kansas State University
2001: W. Alex Rapp, graduate student, Institute of Textile Technology
2002: Archana Chaudary, undergraduate student, North Carolina State
2002: Gopinath Mani, graduate student, University of Mass - Dartmouth
2003: Dapeng Li, graduate student, University of California, Davis
2004: Julie Galbraith, undergraduate student, Heriot-Watt University
2004: Wang Lu, graduate student, University of Georgia
2005: Isaac Shomer, undergraduate student, Pennsylvania State University
2005: Yiping Lu, graduate student, University of Georgia

Textile Education Committee

The Textile Education Committee is composed of Ian R Hardin, University of Georgia, chair; Peggy J. Pickett, AATCC, secretary; J. Richard Aspland, Clemson University; Keith R. Beck, North Carolina State University; Roland L. Connelly, Sr., SheLyn Inc.; Frank A. Fuss, Westvaco Corp.; Karen E. Kyllo, Intertek Testing Services; Ann C. Laidlaw, SheLyn Inc.; Cherry M. Searle, Buffalo State College; and Jerry T. Wright Jr., Shaw Industries. Faculty advisors of AATCC student chapters are nonvoting ex officio members of the committee. Additional ex officio members are John A. Darsey, Jr., AATCC president; and John Y. Daniels, AATCC executive director.