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Section Scholarships

The Delaware Valley Section selects two winners each year and awards them $500 each if they are attending/accepted at a four-year college or university. If they are attending/accepted at a two-year college or technical school, the stipend will be $250. The awards can be used in any manner, without restrictions. For full details, see the Application for DV section scholarship award

The Piedmont Section currently awards five $3000 Piedmont Section Scholarships per year to students who reside in N.C., S.C., VA or W. VA and who attend Clemson University, North Carolina State University, Virginia Tech, or qualifying community colleges. Please see Piedmont Section Scholarship Selection Criteria below to determine eligibility. To apply, use the Application.

Piedmont Section Scholarship Selection Criteria

  • U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident (resident must have a “green card”)
  • Freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior in textile chemistry program (dyeing/fiber science/polymers, color science) or Clemson Polymer & Fiber Chemistry student, NCSU Polymer & Color Chemistry student, or AATCC student member
  • Minimum TGPA of 2.85 on a 4.0 scale
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Employment experience
  • Financial need and access to other funding (other scholarships, financial aid, etc.)
  • Character

Charles H. Stone Scholarships are also available for Piedmont Section students through the AATCC Foundation.

College Tuition Assistance

A conservative estimate of college costs for a full-time student ranges from $10,000-$30,000. But the cost can be as high as $40,000-$100,000! Most parents and students think that scholarships are only for students with excellent grades, or those from low-income families, or the athletically inclined. However, numerous scholarships are available to students, for example: Handicapped Student Scholarships, Members of a Church Scholarships, Scholarships for "C" students, Scholarships for Minorities, Veteran Children's Scholarships, etc.

Although the majority of scholarships come from the federal government and are merit- and/or need-based, billions of dollars are available to students from private sector scholarships. Much of private sector financial aid goes unused because parents and students do not know how or where to apply.

There are organizations that have spent hundreds of hours in researching scholarship sources. The U.S. Commission for Scholastic Assistance - College Bound is such an organization. It supplies the public with more than 700 different private scholarship sources. The scholarship list includes the scholarship names, addresses, application deadlines, summaries about the scholarships and the amount the scholarships will pay the student.

Many scholarships pay a student’s entire tuition; others can be applied towards tuition, living expenses, and/or other fees. Most scholarships can be used at junior colleges, career and vocational schools, 4-year colleges, graduate schools, medical schools, and law schools. For information on obtaining these scholarship lists, contact The U.S. Commission for Scholastic Assistance, P.O. Box 668, O'Fallon, IL 62269, or visit