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Checklist for Forming an AATCC Student Chapter
(refer to Article XIII of the AATCC Bylaws):

  • First, you need 10 or more student members. To become a member, simply complete an application form and submit the membership fee.

  • Find a faculty advisor who will support the chapter.

  • Write a letter to the AATCC Board of Directors, requesting formation of a student chapter. List the names of the student members who are making the request, and the name of your faculty advisor.

  • The Board of Directors meets in May and November. You can request section formation any time of year, though. The Board will consider your request between meetings if necessary.

  • After your chapter is approved, elect officers (chair, secretary, treasurer). The membership services director can provide a handbook that outlines the duties and roles of each officer. Contact Maria Thiry at; telephone +1 919 549 3548.

  • Adopt Bylaws suited to the chapter’s needs. The membership services director can provide a sample of a student chapter’s Bylaws for your reference.