2010 AATCC Concept 2 Consumer® Design Competition Winners

The winners have been chosen for the 2010 AATCC C2C Design Competition for students.

AATCC launched its sixth annual design competition in August 2009, and received 70 entries from 16 schools. Summer Bling! gave students the challenge of creating fabric or product designs for pool and beachwear based on the color palettes from the Pantone® View Colour Planner Summer 2010 ‘magic’. Student designers were required to incorporate three-dimensional surface embellishments in their collections. Entries included embellishments anywhere from beading and embroidery to knotting and smocking.

Prizes include first place cash awards of US$1,000 along with a copy of Pantone’s Cotton Passport, www.pantone.com; and a US$500 award for second place in both the fabric and product design categories.

Links in the sections below go to presentation images.

Fabric Design Challenge Winners

1st Place: Shamanism-Spirit of the Summer by Sarah Buck Mueller, Drexel University

2nd Place: Seaside Serenity by Laura Jefferson, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Product Design Challenge Finalists

1st Place: Hot Hot Hot by Courtney Fitzpatrick, Cornell University

2nd Place: Tide Me Over by Emily B. Parks, Illinois State University

AATCC would like to extend our appreciation to all preliminary and final judges:
Carrie McDermitt, CAM, Owner/Designer
Grace Santucci, Springs Creative, Stylist for Craft & Apparel Design
Jeana Fitzgerald, Cotton Incorporated, Manager Product Development
Jeff Bagwell, Target Corporation, Sr. CAD Designer
Kate Sykes, Springs Creative, Digital Stylist for Craft & Apparel Design
Kerry M. King, Textile Clothing Technology Corporation [TC]2, Manager of Product Development and Sustainability Initiatives
Meir Erani, DesignTech Services, President
Nancy B. Powell, North Carolina State University College of Textiles, Associate Professor of Textile Apparel, Technology, and Management
Steve Greenberg, Point Carré, Vice President
Tiffany M. Eubanks, Inspired Digital Solutions, Owner/Designer