AATCC's 2007 Materials Design Competition Winners

AATCC encourages innovative product development from a material structures design perspective with its annual Materials Design Competition. The theme for the 2007 competition was “Design of Material Structures” and prizes were awarded to entries in the Smart/Electronic category.

All entries were evaluated on concept originality, design element integration, technical feasibility, clarity of supporting documentation, technical and materials rationale, efficacy of the proposed commercialization of the idea, and viability of economic cost analysis.

Winning entries received US$1,000 for first place, US$500 for second place, and complimentary student registration for the 2007 International Conference & Exhibition at the Francis Marion Hotel in Charleston, S.C., USA, October 2-4, 2007. 

1st place-Electrodeposition of Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT)
Nanowire Arrays for Radiation Detection
by Brett Pearson, Daniel Peterson, and Michael Saterlie, University of Nevada - Reno
2nd place-Lithium Ion Nano Batteries–Lithium Electric Car Battery by Bradley Drake, Hinola Kasuhara, and Whip Thompson, University of Nevada - Reno (13.5Mb)