Who Influenced My Career

All of us had help in getting our education and starting our careers. Do you recall an individual who made a difference in your life or career, or a group that inspired you and helped you broaden your horizons. Perhaps it was your parents, a teacher, a company, or an educational foundation. I would be very interested in hearing your stories, so please send any that you think are appropriate to me at gradyp@aatcc.org and I will post them below.

Perry L. Grady
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Contributions Received:


I would be remiss if I did not thank James E. (Jim) Hendrix for whom I worked at my first job at Milliken Research (then Deering Milliken Research Corporation) immediately following my graduation from NC State, and for many years later at Springs Industries. Jim and I started work at Milliken about the same time in the spring of 1972. He had his new PhD from Clemson University, and I had just recedived my BS from State. We researched and synthesized Milliken's Versatint fugitive tints to achieve specific colors and colorfastness properties for use in a host of applications and substrates. At the time, I learned a tremendous amount of organic syntheses from Jim and Dr. Kuhn, later (an AATCC Olney Medalist).

After leaving Milliken and working for AATCC for about five years while obtaining an MS including a research thesis related to synthesizing a new type of dye, I went back to working for Jim at Springs Industries Research and Development Center in Fort Mill, SC, and even later, developed automotive fabrics and a new business with Jim at the Clark Schwebel Dividsion of Springs Industries in Anderson, SC.

Jim encouraged me in everyway possible, resulting in several promotions, eventually becoming Director of Research and Director of Automotive Fabrics. We developed new products and obtained several patents together with our coworkers, obtained MBA's in the evening together from Winthrop University, and during the approximate 13 years of my career directly reporting to Jim, he always encouraged me to attend AATCC committee meetings, the AATCC International Conferences, AATCC local section meetings, and many other textile and related industry events. One could not ask for a better mentor and find a better textile organic chemist than Jim Hendrix, who continues on today in numerous consulting activities. Thank you Jim!

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