AATCC Foundation, Inc.

AATCC Foundation, Inc.
found_imgEstablished in 1997, AATCC Foundation, Inc. operates to further the charitable mission of the Association, promoting the science and knowledge of textile design, coloration, materials, processing, and testing through research and education. AATCC Foundation, Inc. seeks ways to develop and promote quality standards throughout the world

Announcing New AATCC Foundation Scholarship Application Program

AATCC Foundation offers a new software application program for students interested in applying for AATCC Foundation scholarships. The new scholarship program provides a simpler process for determining what scholarships are available to the applicant, and a more streamlined approach for submitting the application.

Information on each scholarship, along with access to the AATCC Foundation application form are available under the Foundation Grants & Scholarship webpage.




RECIPIENTS OF AATCC FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS are eligible to receive free student membership with AATCC for one year. If you are already a student member, your membership will be extended for one year. Contact AATCC Foundation, Inc. for more information