AATCC Test Method 94-2012
Finishes in Textiles:  Identification


Developed in 1959 by AATCC Committee RA45 (Reaffirmed 2012)

1.  Purpose and Scope

1.1  This test method gives guidelines for qualitative identification of various finish components present on textile fabrics, yarns or fibers.
1.2  The identification scheme may involve any or all of the following approaches:
1.2.1  Sequential solvent extractions followed by identification of extracts by infrared spectroscopy (IR), gas chromatography (GC), high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), thin layer chromatography (TLC), nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) or other instrumental or wet-chemical methods.
1.2.2  Direct measure of elemental or chemical species on fabric by X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, infared reflectance spectroscopy, furnace atomic absorption spectroscopy, and other instrumental or wet-chemical analysis methods.
1.2.3  Identification of specific finishing components by chemical spot tests on the textile or extracts from textiles.

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