AATCC Test Method 89-2012

Mercerization in Cotton

Developed in 1958 by AATCC Committee RA66; Transferred to AATCC Committee RA34 in 2009

1.  Purpose and Scope

1.1  This test method provides a method for the determination of the presence of mercerization in dyed and undyed cotton yarns and fabrics.  In addition, the test will give an indication of the completeness of the reaction between the cotton and the mercerization bath.

2.  Principle

2.1  Carefully scoured specimens of the cotton to be tested and unmercerized cotton are immersed in separate baths of barium hydroxide for a definite time period.  Aliquot portions of each soaking bath and of fresh barium hydroxide solution are then titrated with hydrochloric acid.
2.2  The ratio of the amount of barium hydroxide absorbed by the mercerized specimen to that absorbed by the unmercerized specimen multiplied by 100 gives the barium activity number.

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