AATCC Test Method 163-2013
Colorfastness:  Dye Transfer in Storage; Fabric-to-Fabric


Developed in 1985 by AATCC Committee RA92 (Revised 2013)

1.  Purpose and Scope

1.1 The storage of garments made with component parts of more than one shade sometinmes results in the transfer of dye from one area to another, normally from the darker to the lighter shade. This phenomenon is distinct from sublimation temperature of dyes as well as with non-subliming dyes.

1.2 (see method)

1.3  This test method is intended to be an estimate if color transfer might be expected to occur during prolonged periods of storage.  In general, no problems will be expected under normal conditions of storage or time-delay, if color transfer does not occur under the conditions specified in the method.
1.4  This test method may be used also to assess potential color transfer problems that relate to finishing.  Some dyes are inherently more prone to transfer than others, and some chemical finishes and finishing conditions accelerate transfer.

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