AATCC Test Method 158-2011

Dimensional Changes on Drycleaning in Perchloroethylene:

Machine Method

Developed in 1978 by AATCC Committee RA43

1.  Purpose and Scope

1.1  This test method specifies a drycleaning procedure, using a commercial drycleaning machine, for the determination of dimensional change of fabrics and garments after drycleaning in perchloroethylene.  It comprises processes for normal materials and sensitive materials.
1.2  Very sensitive materials, which can be cleaned only when special precautions are taken, are excluded from the scope of this method.
1.3  The test method is intended only for the assessment of dimensional changes undergone by a specimen subjected to a single drycleaning and finishing operation.   When it is desired to determine the amount of progressive dimensional change, the method may be repeated a specified number of times, normally not exceeding five cycles.

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