AATCC Test Method 151-2003
Soil Redeposition:  Launder-Ometer Method

Developed in 1977 by AATCC Committee RA56

1.  Purpose and Scope

1.1  This laboratory test method measures the degree of soil redeposition which may occur on a fabric during the laundering process and is applicable to any light-colored fabric.
1.2  The test method includes two means of demonstrating the soil redeposition performance of most fabrics.  In the past, a single 30 min cycle produced a level of soil redeposition that correlated well with 100 home launderings.  Three 10 min cycles can be used to produce an exaggerated soil level for a quick and effective way to demonstrate differences between fabrics.

2.  Principle

2.1  Test specimens are exposed to soiling medium in a Launder-Ometer canister under specified conditions and its change in Y value (CIE standard illuminant D65 and 1964 10° observer) is measured using a spectrophotometer or colorimeter. AATCC Evaluation Procedure 6, Instrumental Color Measurement, can be used for reference. 

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