AATCC Test Method 132-2013
Colorfastness to Drycleaning


Developed in 1969 by AATCC Committee RA43 (Editorially Revised and Reaffirmed 2013)

1.  Purpose and Scope

1.1  This test method is intended for determining the colorfastness of textiles to all kinds to drycleaning.
1.2  The test method is neither suitable for the evaluation of the durability of textile finishes, nor is it intended for use in evaluating the resistance of colors to spot and stain removal procedures used by the drycleaner.
1.3  This test method gives an indication of results to be obtained from three commercial drycleanings.

2.  Principle

2.1  A specimen of the textile in contact with cotton fabric, multifiber swatch and noncorrodible steel discs is agitated in perchloroethylene and then dried in air.   Any change in color of the specimen is then assessed with the Standard Gray Scale for Color Change.
2.2  Any staining is assessed by using the Gray Scale for Staining or the Chromatic Transference Scale.

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